When a person wants to start making money online, one of the first things you think about is making money as an affiliate, there is  nothing wrong with that, yet almost everyone always start in the same place: Clickbank.

While Clickbank is a marketplace containing thousands of products with which to work and earn very good money, the truth is that only few people actually know how to use it to really make money  substantially and repeatedly.

That’s why I decided to write this article about some of the tactics I use to make money with Clickbank.

1- It’s not my preferred income. First of all it should be noted that although i make good money with Clickbank, it is not my main income, as I prefer to promote products from other marketplaces as well as my own digital products.

Some of the products that I promote  offer instant  PayPal payment rather than having to wait almost a month to get paid the commission and thereby eliminating returns deduction.

2- I do not sell on Clickbank. I have been asked many times if I sell on Clickbank. The answer is No as affiliates tend to benefit more than sellers.some affiliates earn up to 80% commissions.

Unfortunately,  many people tend to return a product immediately they buy it even though there’s nothing wrong with it. This occurs regardless of whether they like it or not, or if the product  served them or not .

Of course I don’t want to get into generalities because there are lots of honest people, but they’re not weigh too much, which leads me to my next point:

3- Don’t promote products in the niche of making money online. Most people when they see that it is a Clickbank product, they purchase with their own affiliate link!

This is the reason that the vendor is obliged to display the logo on their Clickbank product , this becomes even more evident, just in case you had not noticed buyer.

This therefore makes your profits vanish if you’re an affiliate and down drastically if you are the owner of the product.

Invest time trying to promote a product, creating your funnel, tracking your campaign, your presale  messages .


4- sell the products that are in niches that have nothing to do with internet marketing or making money. Last year the product that i promoted  had almost a zero refund and  has nothing to do with the main theme of my lists.

In other niches you can make more money with smaller subscriber lists because  they do not know they can buy with their own link at half price

In fact 95% of my income from Clickbank niches are out of the  make money online or internet marketing circle.


5- Always build a list. Almost all courses tell you get an offer, you would send traffic to the sales page with this, Anyone that tells you to do a website for presale  in other to increase conversions sometimes tells you to build a list.

What most people do is precisely the part of building the list or tools that do not work as it should be because either they are free, or are cheaper or because they are in a particular language.

The list is important because sometimes people do not want this product,  not attracted , No  attention, or already have. And that means you cannot sell that particular product to them.

However if you have your prospects in a list you can offer them other products or if they’ve  already bough, you can offer other products to them.


6- The Gravity is not always what you think. People Always  tell us that products that have high gravity are good to be promoted. Because it means the number of affiliates who are selling that product.

What many people do not know is that this indicator can be manipulated by the seller. How do they do this? Simple: create multiple accounts and affiliate themselves to sell their product with the help of the lists and  with traffic build their affiliates send them.

So more than the Gravity I notice other details about which I will talk later.


7- CBEngine use a lot. CBEngine is a tool that shows you all data and statistics of all Clickbank products.

This tool was popular a few years  ago.

Now not much is mentioned because there are many other marketplaces which make offers to promote, but still remains a great research tool.

Best of all is that it does not only shows you more metrics about Clickbank, but also graphics product sales as well as the index returns.

Also recommends the right products promote. I’m really grateful to this tool because it has  made me earn good money. And best of all is that the license is for life (and I have over 5 years with my license and still works).

8- Buy the product before promoting. I think almost nobody does this, but I do … it’s hard to promote a product you do not know and do not know if it’s really worth. you can read the need for this in our previous article HERE

9- patience and persistence. The vast majority of people think that when promoting an affiliate product, that you will see profits immediately. This rarely happens.

Each person has a time to act, analyze the product, purchase, etc.

Hence follow through your autoresponder list because it is even more valuable.

So when you spend a few days and without seeing results, never conclude that affiliate marketing does not work or that clickbank is a scam.

Having a successful affiliate business takes time, persistence and much traffic analysis, conversions, etc.


I Prefer 10- products or High Tier Mid Tier. So they are known to products that are medium and high cost.

There is a paradigm that sell expensive products is very difficult, the truth is that it is the same effort to sell something for $ 27, $ 47 to one of $ 300 or more than $ 1,000.

the same work and preparation is required.

The conversion is not as high but less sales generate much more profit.


These are some of the secrets that I share on my years of experience in Clickbank.

If you have  any secrets that you want to share , you are free to do that in the comments section


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