12 reasons why you should open an online business

We have all been through Stuck in traffic, waiting to go to work we hate, sitting in the office waiting for the 5.00 pm, counting the minutes for the weekend which never lasts long; while we dream that we could have our own business, maybe our own business on the Internet and thus be able to leave the race of the rat and start living.

The good news is that we can stop the rat race, you can start your own business, and you can be free and happy.

Today, with the Internet, it is extremely easy to start your own business. I have done it and thousands of others have done it. It is difficult or as easy as you want it to be. But why should you start a business that is based online?

Here I give you the reasons to start a business on the Internet.

1-Having a business on the Internet you will have more freedom and free time to do the things that matter in life.

Being stuck in traffic every day, taking orders from your boss, waiting for the fortnight (with taxes deducted before you touch any of your earnings), asking permission to take your vacation is no way to live life.

Having a business on the Internet will give you time to do the things that matter. – Spend more time with your family, spend less time with your family, travel more, spend more time doing anything that comes your way.

Without a job that takes away your soul, you will be free to come and go whenever and wherever you want. I just spent a long weekend in a beautiful place driving jet skis and sunning myself. That would not be possible if I had a boss who would have to report to the office every day and keep working long after I left the office. I know many people who have a management position that they have to continue working after their work hours because of the responsibilities they have to fulfil. That is not life, they are paid more than that, but they are well-paid slaves.

2- With a business on the Internet you can control your income.

When you have a job, the money that comes to you every two weeks will generally be the same as the last fortnight, no matter how hard you work or how well you do your work. The opposite is also true when you have a business on the internet. Your income is tied directly to how hard you work and how well you do your job. The sky is the limit when it comes to making money online. The choice is yours when it comes to deciding how much you want or need to win. Take the decision to earn more and you will, as long as you do the work you require.

3- with a business on the internet you can work anywhere.

Once again, you do not have to get up to go sit down for 1 hour in the traffic and wait and wait. When you have a business on the internet you can work from your home, a cafeteria, library, on the subway, or outside the country if you want it. Wherever you have an internet connection is where you can work.

Say Hello to the blue sky and say goodbye to boring and lifeless offices.

4- You can strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit without having to empty your bank account.

Not everyone has to live his life as a company employee all his life. Many of us are entrepreneurs but we are afraid to jump and make things happen. With an online business, you have the option to start with a small amount of capital and low cost online. It is not as risky as starting a local business where you have to worry about paying rent, paying for products, and paying the salary of employees.

To start a business on the internet is almost free. you simply need a domain name and a web page, that will cost you $ 100 a month to start.

5- People spend more money every day on the internet, your business can keep a part of that money.

Fact. Internet spending for 2020 is predicted to be 40% of all sales in physical stores (retail) and 84% of all Internet users now buy online. That is a large amount of money that is waiting for you with open arms. I spend a good amount of my money online, I do not like to go out shopping very often but I have to do it, just go to the super. Most people are like that, they do not want to go to train or wait for traffic but they have to do it, they want to buy from the comfort of their home.

Now the physical gift shops and the rest are empty, they’re dying. Internet sites such as ebay, free market, amazon, etc. are generating sums of money never seen before due to this trend that will be growing day by day.

6- Your business on the Internet is open 24/7.

Instead of opening for a limited time of day like most retail stores, your online business is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That means you can make money even when you’re sleeping. Imagine waking up and seeing page after pages of sales that your page did while you were snoring and drooling. Believe me it is a great feeling of emotion.

7- There are no geographical limits when you have a business on the Internet.

Your business can be established in a small town and sell your products in other parts of Mexico and Latin America. The only limitation is what we put ourselves. With a portfolio of clients, everyone can access an unlimited source of clients and prospects.

8- Your business on the Internet is safer than any job you can get.

Nowadays there is no such thing as a job or a secure job in a company unless you believe it. your superiors and bosses want money, and rightly so, they are not particularly interested in how loyal you are and will do whatever is necessary to make a profit; Not to be good with you. You can not count on anyone or any company to give you work forever. You can count on yourself and one thing is for sure: THE INTERNET GOES LONG. I’ve heard a good conspiracy crap that worries about the day the Internet is going to “disconnect”. Friends, there is no such thing as an internet shutdown button. It’s here, and it’s here to stay and anyone you know is addicted to the Internet. I am addicted to the Internet as much as many of us. The obvious solution is to make money from your addiction,

9- When you have a business on the Internet you have control over the image and reputation of your company.

With the yellow press and bad image, a company can go bankrupt in the blink of an eye. When you have a company on the Internet and you know about the Internet, you can control the image and reputation of your company. Offer a good product or service and your reputation will be stellar and outstanding. Be an aggressive entrepreneur, but be an honest entrepreneur.

10.- With an Internet business, your clients can have access to more information and more products.

The sky is the limit if we are talking about information and products that you can have. All this means better information and access to your customers, which translates into sales. You can have a few products if you want to or have many pages if you wish.

11- It is easy to make your business automatic.

The number of products to help you make your business automatic and make money is endless; while you eat, sleep, or travel. Four web pages, each making $ 5000 a month automatically is good extra money. Duplicate it and it is a very convenient income. 

12- A business on the Internet is more satisfying than working for someone else.

Having your own business is definitely more satisfying than being an employee in a corporation and doing what others want you to do.

How can you realize starting a business on the Internet makes a lot of sense.

Friends, we all wanted to leave the race of the rat and grab a bigger piece of cake to not waste our lives following orders from someone else or behind a cubicle. The only way that everyone can make their own money and their own schedule are with a business on the Internet. Remember, there is no better day to start than TODAY. The first step is simply to get up and take ACTION.


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