One of the most effective ways to make money online is through video marketing.

The videos allow us to share content in a much more direct way, since for many people the written content is more difficult to understand, or simply because they prefer to watch videos about certain topics.

Another great advantage of videos is that they allow us:

* Perform pre-sales work
* Deliver relevant content
* Traffic generation
* Viral Marketing
* Generate commissions with Affiliate Marketing

All of the above points are closely linked with the different ways to make money online.

But some people have problems thinking that it is very difficult to create a video of an acceptable quality, and this does not have to be so. Note that I said acceptable because many people think they have to be perfect, as created by a professional and it is not.

That’s why in this article I will teach you 5 different ways in which you can create your own videos:

1.- Recording your screen. If you watch some youtube channels, you will notice that most  of them are recording of their  screen, and this Is prefered because so many people  do not like to appear in camera.

For me this mode is perfect because it allows me to read my notes, teach how to do certain tasks or use slides as support.

To create videos by recording your screen, there are 3 options you can use:

Camtasia is the professional software that I use, without embago is not cheap. If at the moment you have a budget that allows you to acquire professional tools, this program is definitely your best option.

Jing This software is from the same creators of Camtasia, but free. It allows you to create videos of very good quality but with a limitation: the duration can not exceed 5 minutes.

Camstudio This software is similar to camtasia but it is free. Of course it does not have all the features that Camtasia has but you can achieve very good videos with it, besides you do not have the limitation of the length of the video.

In any of these programs, it is recommended that you use a headband with a microphone that includes a noise eliminator. This is important because in this way the audio is heard of much better quality.

2.- Integrated Camera in Your PC. Personally I have seen very good videos in which the person appears directly with his own computer and normally using a the system inbuilt microphone.

This is a clear example that a good content is much better than a great video, it also helps your audience to identify more with you.

If your PC does not have a camera, then you can buy a web cam that has a good resolution, be careful with the resolution  because this is the important factor for this type of cameras.

3.- Digital Camera. Of course this is another great way to create videos.

Currently having a digital camera with good results is no longer so expensive, the only detail is that you verify that it will actually be digital, so you do not have any problem to transfer your videos to your PC.

You can even use your cell phone, since many phones currently include cameras that record video with a good resolution.

4.- With Photos or PowerPoint slides. This method is really simple: it consists of searching and editing photos or Powerpoint presentations that are in charge of delivering the content or message and use some program to add music.

An important point here is that music can not be any kind of music because many video sites do not allow you to use music with current copyright, so you need to use what is called Royalty Free Music, so you do not have to pay fees for using it.

For this type of videos you can use Windows Movie Maker which is free. there are also some online tutorials that allow you to learn how to use it to get the most out of it.

Another great option is Animoto which allows you to create videos using Power Point slides, one of the advantages is that this program already has bought the rights to the music that you use and that the videos look very professional.

For the latter, I use Photoshop (you can use GIMP in its default) to add text to the images that tell the story and create the videos. This service also has paid the rights for the music that you use with this tool.

5 With Your Mobile Phone

Now all the phones have cameras in HD! So it’s a great way to record videos, the only detail is the audio.

For audio to be of good quality it is preferable to use a microphone and not record with the original audio of the phone.

Whether you use the headsets that normally come with your phone or you buy an external microphone.

It does not matter which of these forms selections to create your videos, the most important is the content of the same, identifies what the needs of your specific market, write a short script about what will treat your video and start recording.

You can get paid on youtube or in freelancing sites like fiverr for this.


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