In this article I want to discuss the 5 advantages of having a landing page.

For many years, landing pages have become one of the most useful tools that we rely on (people who are dedicated to making money online).

Usually these landing pages are nothing more than a capture format which is presented as the main object of that page.

I want to clarify the common trend that  I have seen . some people refer to the landing pages as capture formats indiscriminately, but this is a misconception, because although a landing page has a capture format, not all capture formats are in landing pages.

Previously landing pages were used with sales letters, but it has been shown that landing page format is much more convenient.

5 advantages of having a landing page

1.- Build your list of subscribers much faster.  Those of us who are dedicated to making money online can attest to the fact  that the list of subscribers is the most valuable asset we have who .we must have capture formats practically on any page of our site, social networks, etc.

However the landing pages practically generate many more subscribers than any other option, including the PopUps.

It is important to note that conversion is measured by dividing the number of impressions of the capture format among the subscribers generated by that format.

In my many tests, the conversions go in this order:

* Landing page

* PopUp on my website

* Sidebar on my website

2.- Eliminates all distractions. The main reason to use a landing page is to capture the e-mail address of your visitors, in this way to build your list.

When you have installed a page of this type, your visitor has only two options: to subscribe or not.

That is why your page should be well designed.

Conversion ranges are typically higher than when you have your capture format inside your web page, since your visitor is not distracted by the content of the same.

In other words, do not see sidebar, or content under the format, simply the offer you present and the option to subscribe or not.

3.- You can perform conversion tests more easily. In the construction of lists, it is vital to perform conversion tests comparing the different formats of capture; or in this case two different landing pages.

So, you can create two pages with small differences, send traffic to both and compare the results to know which has the best conversion range.

This process can be repeated over and over again until you find the landing page with the best conversion range.

4.- They are easy to install. There are currently some WordPress Plugins that are responsible for creating professional landing pages in minutes, without having to learn HTML coding.

Not only that, some even include the statistics of conversion of said page, which makes analysis easier.

It is also possible to use external software such as Exit Splash which serves to redirect a person who does not subscribe and send it to another landing page or to an affiliate offer, own, etc.

The previous point is important because sometimes the landing page or the offer does not attract the attention of the visitor, which will go without doing any action, and when using Exit Splash what I do is send them to a different landing page, with another offer but that is also from the same list!

This increases the conversion rate per visitor.

If they also do not subscribe to that page, then I send them to an offer, which generates an additional income if the visitor did not become a subscriber.


  1. You can make money with them. It is very common that after a page landing a special offer is scheduled for the subscribers.

This allows you to generate an income from the moment of the subscription.

You yourself must determine the flow of visitors into the funnel or marketing funnel you are creating.

For example: In Clickbank and JVZoo as well as other affiliate programs the traffic is sent directly to the sales page where the owner of the product has its own capture system.

It is much better to send your traffic to a landing page that performs a pre-sale function, then you now forward them  from there to the sales page of the product.

If you do not buy the product at that time, you can follow up with your autoresponder to those subscribers so that you generate more commissions, and you can offer other products to those same subscribers, from there you have a wide range of monetization possibilities.


However, it is important that you know that the traffic that is sent to the landing pages must be normally paid, or from external sites in which you have planted links to that landing page, since the organic traffic is very difficult to get.

I definitely consider it important that you include in your marketing efforts the strategy of using landing pages to build your list of subscribers.


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