A mistake that is very common when you want to make money on the internet with the method of using affiliate marketing is finding a product that we consider it sells well, offering good commissions and we immediately start promoting it.

This is a mistake that is made for 2 reasons:

  1. Lack of knowledge: Sometimes people just starting out do not know that a basic aspect is to know what you’re selling.
  2. Lack of resources to invest: Lack of enough funds can also be the reason you do not buy the product you are promoting.

This error can tremendously undermine your affiliate earnings because they do not meet with universal law of marketing which is  “Know your product”.

If you take any savvy marketer, who earns a living thanks to his sales (and trust me gain a lot), the first thing he will say is that you need to know all aspects of the product that you want to sell  before you can recommend it.

When you do not know your product, you can not present it well, you can not explain the advantages over similar products, you can not handle objections of your customers and if all this were not enough, it shows you do not believe in.

In my import business I get to sell all over the country, because the products that matters were the best manufactured worldwide, had great confidence that there was nothing resembling it  in terms of quality ,view, brightness, ease of handling, duration, very low rate of waste. This greatly justified only why  the price was a bit higher than the national brands.

If I had not known the product from all points of view, I would never have been able to sell huge quantities of product that I sold month after month. Any of my clients could tell right away that He/She was more than convinced that my product was superior in every way, and that meant that they risked to buy the first time (which is the most difficult) and then the became constant customers .

The importance of repeat customers has nothing  with a product that is highly consumable, but with you, when you position yourself as an expert in the matter before the eyes of your customers, you will be able to manage them and make them acquire anything you recommend to them without hesitation.

Of course, for this, you should always recommend products that are of quality, and can meet much expectations of your customers.

This applies perfectly well in affiliate marketing, especially if you were to sell digital products: are you going to recommend something you do not know? Something you have not tried?

The most common mistake is to find a product that has good stats and start to promote it without knowing what  the quality looks like.

Do You know the author (s) of the product?

Do You know what they are talking about the product?

Is the product really  going to meet the expectations of your customers?

You’ve probably noticed that I did not promote many affiliate programs, and this is because I promote only those I have seen for myself, I am the type of person that believes in giving you more value than the money you’re paying.

When you know your product, your readers immediately notice , because it shows in your writings. Your writings or videos will be longer  and not just  about “generalities” of which everyone writes.

If you are thinking of being in the affiliate marketing to earn money online, first know the product, the marketing depends on it.


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