When you want to Make Money Online ,You sometimes get confused on where to start. A lot of my readers has constantly been sending me questions on What Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing is.

First of all I have to say that I think they are 2 completely different options that can be combined for the greater good . one does not exclude the other, as simple.

Both are good options to make money, but their function is different from one another, and I think the best answer to this question will be given by the individual  after trying both options on your website.

First we are going to take into account some details of each of these options that are BASIC and that you should know.

Google Adsense


* Automatically adjusts to the content of your site. This is done by spiders who enter and read the content of your site; so they try to place the best ads depending on the keywords or keywords they find on that particular page.

* This content adjustment is automatic even though it may take a few hours to find the content precisely.

* If a visitor enters your site from another country or with another default language, Adsense will place ads that it considers relevant for that particular person, so the ads you see displayed on your site when you enter might not be the one that someone from England will see.

* Every time you click on an ad on your site you earn money if it was a text ad, but also depends on other factors, which you can learn more here: Google Adsense How The Pay Per Click 

* A good template optimized to improve CTR can dramatically increase your profits.

* If it is an image ad (banner) you will earn money by displaying the banner  on your site and the income is calculated per thousand, so that you earn money for the simple fact of having traffic. This is highly recommended for sites with high traffic volumes.

* Just when clicking on any of your ads the person will go to the destination site, you must take into account that they might not return. unless you clearly have a capture format and build your list of subscribers. We always return to active # 1 Autresponders Lists .

* When a person leaves your site, it is automatically taken as a “Bounce” and this  statistic are taken into account by  Google for your SEO.

* Also when they leave your site, they are making the time of permanence of your site slower than when they do not go out by ads, this is something that you cannot control Google also takes this into account for your SEO.

* The more people who come back to your site (even if they left for an Adsense ad) is taken as a good point, since Google considers that the traffic that returns, does it because the site itself has good quality, good points for you SEO, and here again comes into action your list of subscribers / autoresponder.


Affiliate Marketing


* You have to make sure the product you are promoting is interesting for your visitors.

* Everyone will see exactly the same products, regardless of the geographic location from which they come.

* You can earn more money with digital products, but the conversion is lower.

* You have to do a good pre-sale to facilitate the commission.

* If you promote physical products, the pre-sale is also important but the margin of profit may not be so high, it is something that you have to take care of.

* You can control the output of your prospects to make . clicking on your link or banner page is open in another window, this way the person does not have to leave your site. To do this simply add the following code into the link: target = “_ blank”


As you can see they are different features, you can combine both, check your stats, and make a decision more based on what you observed yourself.

Personally I have more sites that have Adsense as monetization, and others that only use affiliate products, and of course others where both are present. It’s left for you to look for what works for you and follow


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