Now let’s learn how to easily create a blog for yourself and how to start a blog with WordPress.

Blogging is what has helped me change my life, the life of my family and earn money month after month while doing something I love.

Apart from that, you can receive an income month by month.

then use this tutorial and follow the instructions, it is very easy to do.

If you are looking to start a blog as cheap as possible, choosing Bluehost for your hosting solution is the answer.

Bluehost is a great hosting company and I have a great experience with it, American companies have the best services at the best price, I have been using them for a while now.

We Reflect and put our thoughts in writing, show them to the world and connect with people that we are able to reach in some way, It is really a pleasant way to spend time, believe me, you will discover it.

You just have to cheer up, read a lot and practice.

The wording is something natural. It is an awesome experience to have space in the vast network of networks where your ideas can be heard by anyone who has a few minutes to give you.

I imagine that if you have come to this article, it is because you have already been interested in the idea of having a blog. Nowadays it is something very common.

It is an activity that has its beginnings almost at the same time that the internet became popular, maybe before, and even today it is an attractive option for anyone who feels they have something to say to people.

It is entertaining and frankly very liberating to put all your thoughts in periodicals and see how people identify with what you tell and react in different ways.

Because even if your content generates discord and anger, it is an extremely enriching experience to know that your words have generated something in that person, that you have not written something empty that has flown like a paper in the wind without anyone caring.

Someone read it, and it connected so much with what you have written, that it took the trouble to leave a comment at the end of the post.

But a blog is not just a creative space for those who write. This has its lucrative side too.

You can become a blogger to promote any type of thing you do. You can make reviews, talk about technology products, movies, promote online courses, sell something you do, you can do anything.

The only condition is to write publications that hook the public and allow you to earn their loyalty.

But the most important of all this is that being a blogger may not be just a hobby. You can professionalize yourself, make good money and even live on this. In fact, you can make very good money if you do things right.

And that’s what I’ve come to talk to you today: if you’re thinking about starting a blog, or if you’re a blogger from the  under and you’re planning to expand your horizons, with this guide I’ll tell you how to get high with the option that has worked for me, thanks to which is an economic service and at the same time very complete.

All you need to be a professional blogger is in this hosting that I come to talk about today.

But before telling you how to do it, I’ll tell you why Bluehost suits you   and not a free option like the well-known  Blogger :

  • A  paid hosting will give your blog a much more professional look. The truth is that Blogger, despite the years, never improved the topics available, and in general any blog on this platform looks almost the same, taking, it has a very limited customization options.

  • It is very easy to use, and here I will explain how.

  •  Bluehost offers technical support, a great advantage for beginners or for those who are used to other platforms and are about to start in this service.

  • Bluehost is one of the cheapest alternatives (from $ 2.75 a month) and offers a free domain, which is a huge advantage because you do not have to leave the hosting to find the domain.

  • WordPress is free for Bluehost, and the hosting comes completely ready to use it. As you know, WordPress is one of the silver forms but the most professional and versatile of the market. All the websites based on this platform are spectacular and the WordPress control panel is highly practical and intuitive. So having a  hosting that allows you to install this software for free and practically with just one click, is probably the best option you’re going to get.

  • If you monetize your blog and have your own hosting , you will not have to share profits with anyone. Moreover, the companies or people with whom you can get to do business, will see you more professional with a good hosting and will value you more in every sense.

And those are just some of the advantages you will get by paying for a hosting, which, in truth, will be paid only over time. For a very low price, you can get much more profit and you will not have to deal with the appearance, in most cases, mediocre of a free homemade blog.

You also have to bear in mind, that using  Bluehost, and having all the benefits of  WordPress for free, you have at your disposal a whole portfolio of tools to customize the look of your blog as you like.

And if you do not know how to do it, you can pay someone to design a spectacular website for you.

So, if you have been interested in the idea, follow me through these steps to know all the details about how to create a WordPress blog  hosted on  Bluehost.

How to start your blog with WordPress and Bluehost

1: Register your domain

The first thing you should think about is the domain. It will be the identity of your page, the name with which they remind you when they want to search your content, so it is very important. Think a name as short as possible, original and striking, easy to remember.

To acquire one, you can go to the many servers that exist, although is one of the most versatile options in terms of prices and payment methods

The prices will vary according to the suffix of the name of your domain, to suffix I mean if it is “.com, .mx, .info, .org” etc.

But always remember to choose the name of your domain well, because once set, changing it is very cumbersome and it’s practically like starting over the site from scratch. Look among the blogs you know, think of the names you remember to get an idea of how to create a striking and easy to remember name.


2: Buy a hosting

Now that we are in it, what you should do is choose your plan. As in all hosting, you have different plans according to your budget and your needs.

To begin with, the ideal is the basic plan, which if you buy for 36 months is left at $ 3.49 per month. You can skip the other plans that offer services for more demanding users. Start small, step by step, and it will go very well.

If you fear that it may be a futile investment, you can buy for 24 months (at $ 4.49) or for 12 months (at $ 5.49). Any of the three prices, as you see, is very good, since you will get an excellent service and, really, a blog can be a real gold mine.

I do not recommend that you pay monthly, since not only is it much more expensive, but every month you will have to deal with the payment and the possibility of your page falling because you have forgotten to pay on the date, not counting the Free domain comes from the 12-month plan.

Also, of course, if you want to make money with this, you have to reduce the costs to the minimum possible.

By contracting a 36 month plan you will not only be saving yourself a large sum of money (you will pay less than half if you pay month to month), but you will also save three years of possible increases, freeing your mind of one more responsibility to devote all your time to create the best content you can offer.

I recommend that, whichever plan you choose, you make sure you have the Domain Privacy Protection option  , which only costs $ 0.99 per extra and thus keep all your personal information safe.

So, now that we have clarified all of the above, let’s see the steps to follow to acquire your hosting:

1. Go to and click on the “get started now” button.

2. Choose the package you want

3. Enter your domain, if you have previously purchased it, or create a new one in the form to take advantage of the one offered free of charge.

4. Enter your personal information and data for collection.

5. Choose the time for which you want to hire the hosting service (Choose 36 months to get the best price)

6. Choose the payment option, the option that comes by default is the debit or credit card, however, if you click on “More payments options” it gives you the option to pay with paypal

7. Finally you click on “Submit”

Finally, you will have to create a password. Make sure it’s a good, safe one, because the information you’ll have saved is very important.

Once all the preliminaries have been completed, we can move on to what follows.

3: Connect your domain to the hosting

Warning: if you opted for the free domain with the Bluehost package  , then you can skip this step.

In general, connecting your domain to your Bluehost  hosting  should not cause you any inconvenience. Although there are some clarifications for the case of . or namecheap

Godaddy  has a whole page of support for domains. This is what they tell us on the page in question:

“When you register a domain with us, we place it in our” parked server names “, so that a temporary page is created that will be displayed to those who visit your domain. After you have chosen your hosting provider, you can change the server name of your domain to remove the parked page and so the name of your page appears.

If you registered your domain with another provider, you can still buy a hosting account on our servers. You can use our external DNS services,  CashParking or  Quick Content. If you do this, you should be able to see your server names in your account on our page with your own domain registrar. ”

The idea of the above is that you can buy your domain as soon as possible so that no one else takes it, and at the same time they offer you a pre-designed page that will be shown to the visitors of your site while you are still in the process of building a blog.

Another thing that you will have to know is how to modify your DNS server names when you are using  Godaddy  for your domain and  Bluehost for hosting:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select the “DNS” option from the “Domains” menu in the “Manage my account” options list.

3. Once you enter DNS, click on “Change” to configure the name of your DNS

4. Now enter the updated information for the server names in the spaces provided under the heading “Server names” on the right side of your page and click “save changes” at the end. Your entries should look something like this: ; .

If you purchased your domain within Bluehost, all that remains to be done now is to add the domain you have purchased as a domain attached to your Bluehost hosting. You can do this with a click on the “domains” link on your homepage in  Bluehost. Finally, click on “assign” and that’s it! You just have to follow the steps and it will be very easy.

4: Install WordPress on your Bluehost

Here comes the part that everyone wants to read.

We already leave the preliminaries and we go straight to the action. Although I must say, this is really the simplest of the whole process, mainly because  Bluehost, as I mentioned before, is completely optimized for  WordPress.

This is another advantage that you have hired a plan of at least one year.

So follow these simple steps and in less than what you think, you will have your blog ready with a very professional final result and where you will handle each aspect on your own.

1. As soon as you make the payment you need to update your password.

2. Choose a theme, as soon as you put your password you will see the different topics that you can choose from WordPress, here I show you some of the topics that gives you the option to choose Bluehost.

3. Once you choose the theme, you get a message that you have finished, you click on “Start Building” to start the WordPress configuration process

4. You click on start, and it will ask you to give the name of the site and the description of the site.

5. Ask if you plan to update your site with Articles or news choose Yes if you plan to add content or choose NO, if your site is more for your company information, where you do not plan to update content.

6.- Choose how you want your home page to appear (this will change according to the previous configuration you have chosen).

7.- The next step gives you the option to configure if you want your contact sheet.

8. The Penultimate step gives you the option to connect your site to your WordPress account, for this you need to have an account, which you can do with WordPress .

9. We have finished the WordPress installation process, you can continue configuring your site, just click on “Customize your Site”

And ready! Now you have your WordPress blog. What remains is to create a good design and start producing quality content to generate a loyal audience that grows day by day.

5: Some final tip

Remember to communicate with all your subscribers, be attentive to their suggestions and concerns and interact a lot with your audience. You have to make those who read you feel that you really are their voice.

Lastly, I would like to give you some tips.

  • It would be convenient to keep the e-mail in a safe place with the access link to your WordPress account  . Keep in mind that this link is unique for each user and there is no other way to access your account. Your username and password will also come in the mail. You must save this e-mail separately and keep it safe because sooner or later you will need it and it would be a mess if you lost it.

  • You can add and create new posts by clicking on the “Posts” button on the left side of your page when you are logged in. To add a new page, go to the “Page” button. It is the most practical way and will be useful when you start uploading content regularly.

  • To add an image, click on the “Media” button, on the left side.

  • You can go to the “Appearance” button, then to “Widgets” to add elements to the sidebar, the footer and everything else. The interface is very practical and intuitive, so soon you will get used to it and you will know how to use all these elements as a true professional.

  • If you are looking for a good tool to send newsletters to your subscribers, I recommend  AWeber . It is very efficient and versatile. You can create highly personalized e-mails that will make your subscribers feel that you have individually written each email to go directly to them. If you are not sure and would like to see more details, you can take the free trial for 30 days.

  • If you are looking for a good design for your blog, and you are not sure of hiring someone to do the work, you can use Genesis. It has a good variety of themes and all with an excellent appearance. You can also use the wide variety of free themes that comes with your WordPress account, through the section “Appearance” ─Yes, you guessed it─ on the left side in the control panel of your website. There, select “Themes” and you can choose each one you want to preview. You can use any of these as a base and modify it until you create your own design. Finally, you can buy a pre-designed theme on the many pages of programmers dedicated to selling this type of material. Maybe you can also take into account the option of hiring a freelancer to make you a good design. There are many talents scattered throughout the wide world of the internet. The main platforms to look for freelancers are  and

Now you are at the door of your path as a blogger. What follows will be part of your personal experience and little else can I tell you. Maybe some tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Focus first on creating an audience, and only when you have it, begins to mobilize to monetize your page.

  • As I said before, be attentive to the tastes of your readers and interact a lot with them. That is the basis to create a successful blog.

  • Organize your times, make sure you have one or two moments in the day to write content. You have to understand very well your time availability, how you combine this activity with the rest of your responsibilities.

  • You also have to take it with some seriousness. It is not to become a job if you do not enjoy this, it is better not to try it, but you have to know that to get as far as possible, you will have to upload content regularly and check that they are of good quality. And finally, learn a bit of SEO. The positioning in the search engines the fundamental pillar of every monetized page.

And with this, I wish you the best of luck with your blog. I would like you to tell me your experience and leave a link to your site to see how it has been. A great greeting!