In this article, we will review what is necessary to start Content Marketing. To simplify the subject we can say that there are two fundamental elements: the understanding of the objectives and the definition of the mission.

1.- Understanding of the Objectives

If you think about your business goal, the immediate answer is probably to “make a lot of money”. That is fine as a personal goal, but in no way is it relevant as the goal of a marketing strategy. Why? It is simple: obtaining an important economic capital will be the consequence of a market strategy and not its objective. If you aim to be rich, your campaign will not be directed to customers and their needs, but to your interests. Therefore, what you will offer will not be what the public needs and your dream will collapse in the blink of an eye.

What should you do then? First, reorder your ideas and rethink the business. If you do not think about the client and do not put it in the first place, it will be extremely difficult for you to achieve your personal goals, because your potential buyers will go quickly to the place where they understand them, listen to them, treat them well and offer them what they want. they need.

In the second instance, when proposing the objectives to make content marketing you must give priority to the relationship you establish with the client. Again, if the contents are made in your personal benefit you will be left alone with your offers because it will be evident that you do not care about people and that your only priority is getting them to give you their money.

When you are clear that the important thing is the client, you can ask yourself what you want to achieve with Content Marketing, according to the development status of your proposal. For example, you can think of:

What should you do to have more brand recognition?

What are your followers looking for?

What content can give more value to your offer?

What content can you publish to increase your mailing list?

How to make your followers be faithful consumers of your content in the long term?

How to make your followers perceive you as someone with authority, credibility, and trust?

It is essential that the objectives are clear so that Content Marketing is well oriented towards its fulfillment. Otherwise, you will be wasting time, money and followers.

For your objectives to work well, they must be:

  • Specific: that is, they must show expectations accurately, preferably in numerical terms.
  • Measurable: that can be registered and verified. For example, in the number of clicks or percentages of sales.
  • Realistic: that they can be fulfilled. Objectives such as “being the best company in the market” are just emotional statements.
  • Limited in time: with start and end dates.

You can also design the objectives by answering the questions of:

  • What to do?
  • For whom?
  • How?
  • Where?
  • When?

2.-Definition of the Mission

The mission describes the overall intention of the company’s activities, its reason for existence, what it seeks, the way it does it and its priorities as an organization. While the foundations have the mission of serving people and improving their living conditions, for example, commercial companies, in general, seek to satisfy specific needs of their clients and position themselves in the market as a result of the foregoing. If in your mission you raise things like “Being the market leader” or “making money “, think about it better.

For the mission to fulfill its function of guiding the execution of content marketing projects, it must have at least three elements:

  • The target population, with a clear market segmentation.
  • The type of content you will provide to your followers.
  • The expected response from readers; what you expect them to do from reading the published content.
  • The description of the work that is done or the needs that it covers.
  • The ethical principles under which the company acts.

The definition of the mission should be as precise as possible, for which it will be necessary for you to know your clients very well.


How to Evaluate If You Are Doing Well?

The definition of the objectives and the mission is a crucial point since it will allow you to start with the right foot, knowing that you are not doing random posts, without knowing what you publish, for whom and what probable effect it will have. It is the beginning of a roadmap to generate a personal brand that stands out.

To evaluate if you are on the right track, you can answer some questions every time you want to produce new content:

  • Is it consistent and useful for the fulfillment of the mission?
  • Is it part of the proposed objectives?
  • Does it comply with the ethical principles of the organization?
  • Is the content relevant to the target population?

So far we have talked about the initial part of the process of content production. After the definition of objectives and the mission, you should concentrate on the planning, development, and evaluation of the contents, topics that will be addressed later in another article.


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