Auto blogging is A trend that is not new, it  has already been around for a couple of years, Earning money on the internet through autoblogs is one of the easiest means to earn online.

And auto blog does not refer to any cars or automobiles but are sites that update themselves every day.

While 99.9% of my sites are original content written by myself (and I’m already thinking of hiring writers), which generate me a large percentage of my winnings, I also count on my belt with some auto blogs.

I hope you understand this more quickly, autoblogs  are blogs created with wordpress platform with its on own server, which feed content every day, almost without having you to get your hands on them, and I say almost, because I don’t do anything.  if I put my hand on them, it is  to add some original content to avoid google marking me as spam.

The story begins , as you know, every blog contains an important tool called RSS Feed, with which you can subscribe to updates of any kind.

So if you want to receive updates from this site, you have to subscribe to my feed and each time I create a new article, I feed it out and it gets to all my subscribers.

Well, there are programs, which are extractors feeds, meaning that you can take the feed from anywhere and make the content of that site to be  published elsewhere, so  in one place, you can post items or 10 sites content together, making your  to gain lots of articles ,movement and traffic time.

These sites are monetized  Like almost any other. With Google Adsense, Affiliate Programs, CPA, etc.

Therefore, you do not have to create the content, well you might have many autoblogs running simultaneously, which will earn money, not in large quantities each, but if the sums all the cash together, then  It gets interesting.

Now, this concept has been altered as complications have arisen: Google does not want to index sites that have no original content, so even if they were already indexed, you can remove them from the index unceremoniously.

With Google Adsense same thing happens, if they see that your content is 100% repeated or copied, your account can be cancelled.

With affiliate programs and CPA there are none of those problems and you can focus on these 2 fields more widely.

However, since many of the most important sites are protecting their feeds, either no content appears, more than the title and a couple of paragraphs or including adsense in the same feed (you can do this by FeedBurner) of so if you take your content, they also take your ads and still make money.

Then it’s not as easy as it was before … but oh human ingenuity always finds a solution:

Now there are special programs that allow you to take feeds, not only from other blogs, but Yahoo Answers, YouTube, affiliate programs, product Amazon and many other sources . you can diversify much of your content and make your site looks more professional.

To combat the god Google and have original content, some of these programs can be programmed to perform translations between several languages ​​and then return to the original, (eg Spanish – French – German – English – Spanish) so that the content and stay different when it is published, that in the eyes of Google is original, the problem is that for the human visitor, much of this content is not very consistent, but bloggers are actually betting you ads that appear on the site more than content.

In short it is a different and additional way to make money. How much? Well enough!

But I want to note some points of care because not everything is hunky-dory:

* Your Google accounts are at risk, do not use your main account.

* It may be that you begin to generate very good money with this method in any of your sites, and suddenly, it is de-indexing, and therefore without any traffic, or a few words: Forget that place and focus on those who follow .

* You need to have a very good amount of auto blogs to generate a lot of income, so if you think creating a couple of them earn a lot of money, forget it. Plan on having many sites.

* Monetize your blogs in many ways: Adsense, AdBrite, Amazon, eBay, Affiliate Programs, CPA Programs, etc.

* You should  know how to install a blog on wordpress and manage all its internal structure to perfection to install these programs, even some of them are trained in this area, not delve much on details, with which you’ll have to face .

The 2 best programs for autoblogs currently are: WP Robot and Autoblog Samurai

The WP Robot I love it because it is very easy to use plugin, it  is super versatile and has many modules that will serve to create different content sources, as well as the conversion of language to create original content. You can even take feeds from major sites in English, translate and publish in Spanish, so your content will be much more original.

However I noted that modules are sold separately, I recommend you use the full version that has all the modules included, because if you buy them separately, it is more expensive.

The Autoblog Samurai is a program that came out recently and has had great success among webmasters, because among other features this manages to get the full feed even when the feed site is scheduled to deliver partial feed, which no other program does , it can work even with free platforms like blogger and free wordpress, and another major functions is to remove all links back to sites that usually have all the feeds, so the result is a super professional blog, if off also you have the translation option.

Surely you are wondering if it is  worth investing in one of these softwares?  the answer is yes, but only if you’re willing to work them regularly, forget if you are people who get excited about a new trend, made a mini site and then goes to NEXT.

If you’re creating this type of sites ,you must be willing to create a good network of sites, not just a couple of them, so you can see impressive results.

According to various webmaster forums, I noticed that a person who is engaged in auto blogs earns an average of $ 2,500 per month, some much more than others, but that’s the average that takes 5 different forums, information I am sure you serve as a reference.

Personally, in the previous holiday season, it gave me commissions of  $ 5,427 dollars per autoblog, I think I was not a bad idea.


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