One of the ways to make good money with adsense is through Google Referrals, google referrals is a program that has been running on Adsense being the equivalent of CPA (Cost Per Action), which pays the advertisers a variable amount for each action that the visitor that was sent from the advertisers site performs.Iinstead of paying a few cents,they  made us earn several dollars for each person who completed the action.

Personally this form of advertising has made me earn good money, there was a single day that I earned up to  $ 500 dollars just for a single campaign, but that’s not all because in the next two months, I can earn more than $ 1,800 for that same campaign.

But now Google has warned that Google Referrals will cease to exist, and all the campaigns will be suspended during the last week of August, apparently Google lost the race against other CPA networks.

So if you are currently running campaigns of this type, you should take into account that you have little time to monetize this way and that you should modify your site during the last week of August so that your site is not affected by the disappearance of your ads.


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