On this occasion, I will explain how affiliate programs work, since I have been receiving many emails with questions about it.

There are businesses that sell both physical and digital products, which are willing to pay a commission to anyone who refers buyers of their products.

Regularly affiliate programs that pay more money are those that sell digital products such as eBooks, reports, softwares, music, etc.

However, there are also physical products such as electronics, medicines, clothes, and anything that you can think of. This type of products pay much lower percentage than digital ones but they have the advantages that it is common to find recognized brands which sell very well because they are already in the mind of the buyer.

It all starts with you making up your mind  that you want to work as an affiliate, to which you first have to subscribe within your affiliate program in question.

To sign up, a special software creates a unique link for you and that link will be the one you should use to promote the affiliate program in question.

Now, when someone clicks on that link, a cookie (which is a special code) will be installed in that person’s browser.

What is a cookie? are codes that are always installed in our browser, as we go to different sites, for example: I enter Facebook with my username and password, at that time a cookie is installed, which allows Facebook to identify me each time I return , this way I do not have to be entering my username and password every time I visit this social network.

The difference is that in this case, that cookie that is installed contains a tracker that determines that Mary entered the website that sells the product thanks to Pedro’s link.

So when Mary makes the purchase, Pedro’s commission is triggered.

It is important to note that the commissions are conditioned to the buyer not making a return of the product. If the buyer makes a return, then you will lose the commission.

The cookies have a different duration depending on the affiliate program, which goes from 1 day, 1 week, 30 days or permanently.

Each affiliate program pays differently, every month, every two months, every 15 days, and they have a minimum amount of payment that goes from $ 50 dollars to $ 100 dollars, this means that they pay you every certain time, when complete the minimum payment, that is why you should be very aware of the conditions of each affiliate program you are going to sign up for.

The forms of payment of the affiliate programs also vary, and it is extremely important that you verify if you can charge the commissions before starting to promote.

Some of the most common ways in which they pay for affiliate programs are: PayPal, bank deposit (usually to accounts in the United States), sending checks by mail (you must have a way to collect them and / or deposit them)

In order to promote affiliate programs you can do it with your own web page, or by means of free methods, even though the easiest way is to have your web page and your own email list with your autoresponder.

Another option to promote your special link is through social networks, article directories, videos, etc.

Here the important thing is that you really focus on creating good content so you can generate traffic to your site and in the same do a pre-sale of the product you’re promoting.


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