In my previous article on How to start a blog to make constant money on the internet, I promised to write on the two common platforms. In this article I will write an analysis on the Blogger platform which serves as a platform to create a website and make money with it.

Both Blogger and WordPress have their advantages and disadvantages, But I’ll enumerate that of blogger below


  • It is 100% free and does not require having a domain or paying hosting service
  • It is easy to use
  • Being part of Google is very simple to be authorized an Adsense account
  • Being part of Google your blog will automatically be listed on Google
  • You have several presentations already loaded so that your blog looks professional


  • 75% of blogger blogs are spam, so many people when they see that the blog is hosted on blogger automatically ignores it.
  • Layouts are not very customizable, which makes your blog look like many others
  • You are only allowed to have a few units of Adsense and it is difficult to integrate another type of monetizer
  • It has a very basic functioning, which in the long run will be counterproductive
  • Anyone can file a complaint against his blog (almost always his competitors) so that blogger cancels his account
  • If Blogger considers that your site is spam you will cancel the account including Adsense

In fact 99% of the blogs that generate money are not blogger but wordpress,  You can read the analysis on WordPress Here.


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