I recently wrote  on How to start a blog to make constant money on the internet, In the article, I promised to write on the two common platforms. In this article I will write an analysis on  Wordpress platform

WordPress is the most used platform when it comes to blogging. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of wordpress


  • The platform itself is 100% free
  • There are many applications for Worpress which improve the performance of your page and all of them are free too
  • There are thousands of layouts available to customize your blog
  • You can enter codes of different monetization methods including adwords, affiliate programs, etc.
  • You can make hundreds of changes to a layaout to create a unique site
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is the platform used by 99% of the marketers to make money
  • Your site is completely independent from any program or service


  • It must have a Domain and a hosting service to load the blog
  • You should already have a previous Adsense account or create the site, upload relevant content and then request the account, for which your site should be interesting, otherwise you will be denied the Adsense account
  • Must work hard to be listed on Google
  • You must know basic html to be able to modify the layout codes so you can start generating money

As you can see the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, not in number but in the versatility, capacity of monetization, ease of personalization, independence of any service or product.

It is necessary to learn basic HTML for the modification of layouts, but in fact if you want to earn money on the internet this is the minimum that should do, if you are not willing to learn, then I recommend that you better enroll in one of those scrap companies that make your website identical to thousands and tell you to make a lot of money (which is not true), but at least you will not have to make any effort to be better.

You can read the analysis on Blogger  By clicking Here.


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