I recently wrote an article called 10 working Ways To Make Money With Your Blog which generated many questions about the different ways to explain it in, and one with the most questions genre (comments, emails and messages) is the subject of Google Adsense.

So I decided to write a series of articles and this will be the first. Contextual advertising is one of the simplest ways to make money online using content sites ways.

And definitely the best pay. Google Adsense is the best when it comes to this.

The way it works is very simple:

  1. You create a content site on any topic you like.
  2. Post content (articles, videos, etc.) on your original site
  3. Apply for your AdSense account
  4. Google will verify that your site meets the requirements.
  5. Google approves your account
  6. Log into your virtual office (dashboard) Adsense
  7. Get the codes and personify your account number or create blocks inside your office.
  8. Install Adsense codes on your website.
  9. You start earning money for every click that is generated on your site.

One of the great advantages is that the same code generates relevant Adsense ads to be published on your website according to the keywords of the  site, the article, the country of  your reader, etc.

Google Adsense is getting smarter than when it first started in internet marketing. several years ago, setting the theme of the ads could even take a couple of days, it is now practically automatic.

Another important aspect is that it becomes a residual income, I have sites which have full months without posting and It continues to generate money daily or almost daily thanks to this system.

One thing to look is to always follow the guidelines of Google Adsense, because they are very strict with the rules that we must follow the webmasters. As Google Adsense pay per click? . This is one of the most asked questions that I have received and the truth is that no one knows exactly! But if we know some parameters you need to take care on your website to earn more money, and this will be the subject of another article because it is extensive.

I do not intend to explain everything in a single article, because this topic alone could make an entire course, which is why you’ll need to follow the post as it comes.



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