Continuing the series on How to Make Money with Google Adsense, in which the first article was: How to Earn Money Online Using Adsense . The first article explained google adsense basically works and the most important thing you have to know.

Now, in this second article and video, I explain how the click is paid.

We will start from the fact that the webmaster Google is going to pay us  every time a person clicks on one of our ads.

Now the big question is how much do they pay us?.  The truth is that we do not know for sure how much we are going to be payed because it depends on several factors:

The cost of the keyword or keyword: Each keyword or keywords has a cost.

That cost is how much the pays per click that you send to their site from your website.

Each keyword has its commercial value, and varies a lot depending on the number of advertisers, the commercial cost of the same keyword, etc.

The CTR: The CTR is the conversion range of clicks per impressions, expressed in percentage.

So you divide the number of clicks in your site, between the impressions of the same and multiply by 100.

The CTR affects the cost of the ads that will be placed on your website, the higher CTR ads and better paid ads will appear on your site.

CTR = (Impressions / Clicks) x 100


The position of the ad: Many people are unaware that the position of the ad on your website also determines the cost of the click, the higher the ad unit is, or the ad, the better the click.

These are just some of the factors that alter your profit, and on which you can exercise some control, to generate better income with your website or blog. More lessons about this will be coming later on.



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