One of the great myths about making money online is  to  think that you can earn money in an extra fast way, completely free of investment (neither money nor time).

This idea is so widespread, mainly by people who are dedicated to selling this idea in others to fill their pockets with the need of people.

Just last week, I received messages from 7 different people telling me that they have had personal situations that strongly affect them and that they want me to teach them how to earn money quickly in other  to meet their daily expenses because they have no other way to deal with them.

And my answer is always: I teach on how  to create online businesses, which require financial investment, as well as real training and time to make them work.

It is not possible to eliminate one of these components out of the equation, because then it would not be business.

Now, is it possible to make a lot of money in a short time? YES, you can earn THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in a couple of days, BUT the truth is that this is not achieved overnight.

The truth is that to make money on the internet is very similar to creating or starting a physical business:

  • In order to open your doors you need all the previous work
  • When you open your doors it is NOT filled with people who buy and buy
  • It takes patience and planning
  • It requires an infrastructure that the customer rarely sees.

In short, to create a website you must plan ahead and that takes time.

When you start your website and be online, it will not be filled with traffic, you have to work on creating it, either through search engine optimization (SEO) in content or videos, or by original content, relevant and valuable to your readers, whether for paid advertising.

You must build your list, this is so important, sometimes even more important than the same website and few people do it the right way.

You must train adequately in each of the areas that are necessary for the operation of your site, or at least hire someone to do it for you.

You must learn to manage your advertising well and track your results as traffic and conversions.

You must work hard on placing your links: either to your page or the affiliate program you are promoting.

Putting a link does not mean that you sell something that day, in fact the belief that that link will make you money is wrong, because although it is true that it is a seed, you have to plant many, take care of them and wait for them to grow, so that you can start to see results that may surprise you.

But as I repeat, this does not happen overnight.

This weekend, I completed 3 landing pages for an affiliate program , created a sales funnel with a complete tracking campaign with 30 messages that the autoresponder will send daily.

This funnel contains 6 different pages that lead the prospect to different options depending on the action they take once they reach the landing page.

I also did conversion tests between the 3 landing pages to see which is the one that generates the most conversions and work based on it.

For these conversion tests I used a system that specializes in conversion tracking.

It took me 3 weeks, between deciding the product, analyzing the keywords or keywords, creating the page, doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and creating a Facebook campaign.

For this the funnel or funnel carries several videos in its structure, so I had to create the “script” or script for each video and then do SEO for Videos when uploading them to YouTube

The result has been amazing between Tuesday and Wednesday.

It sounds good, right? But prior to those 3 weeks of work, I have spent more than 15 years teaching you, I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in ebooks, reports, tools, software, conferences and workshops .(workshops, airplanes, hotels and food), etc.

Hours of reading all the material (mostly more than once) that serves as training, taking notes, but above all implementing what I learned in my own business.

And yet, after all that, I face trial and error in many of the processes being implemented. And I’m not taking into account the graphics that I send to a freelancer, nor that some of the systems I use are paid monthly.

As you can see, this is my business, it is not my hobby, it is not an entertainment , and that is why I am able to generate money to live on it.

ANYone can make money on the internet, it is enough that he can read and write correctly, but the work mentality must be present, the training is essential, and the patience is essential.


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