One of the easiest ways to make money online is through Adsense ads, depending on the amount of content your website has and of course the distribution of ads, Adsense is a very comfortable way to generate residual income on any website.

The problem is that to be able to have an adsense account, they are  requirements and  Google must first verify that you actually have a content site and that your content is original and meaningful .They will review your account and it is after this that they will make up their mind on whether you deserve it or not.

But in this article , I will be taking time to show you the simplest way so that you do not have any problem  in opening your account:

Create a free blog in Blogger, as you know Blogger belongs to Google, to create it is really simple, and even more if you already have a email address of gmail, if not, just go to Blogger and fill out the form data to create your first blog.

When your blog is ready, write at least 15 articles in it,  It does  not have to be anything complicated, in fact you can write articles of your personal experiences, lifestyle, an event in your locality, you can review your phone and any other thing that comes to your mind but try to have these articles written on a different day. this will make it not obvious that you created the blog for that specific purpose.

After writing, make sure you post the 15 Articles with a day interval. What I mean with a day interval is that  you always skip the next day and post on the third day. For example, you start on the first of the month, kindly skip the second day and post your second article on the third day. Skip the fourth day and post your third article on the fifth day. Skip the sixth day and post your article on the seventh day. Follow this sequence until you exhaust your 15 articles. This will take you 30 days if you follow my procedure. Once your done, share your post to facebook bloggers group for promotion. You can also share to large groups and whatsapp friends. This will give you more organic traffic and you start receiving traffic. Once you get to the 100 daily visitors limit,  You can now request your Adsense account from within your Blogger control panel.

Once you fill out the application, write a few more articles on the blog and wait for the approval email to arrive to your email account.

This is the easiest way to get your account approved.


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