Lately I have been getting questions from some readers on whether it is true that Adsense cancels users accounts and does not pay the profits already generated on one or several websites.

People are asking  this because they have either canceled accounts or known people whose accounts have been canceled, which makes many people afraid to work with adsense. This generates a false  idea that Adsense does not want to pay!

But this is not true, Google currently makes billions of dollars thanks to its Adwords and Adsense programs, and they are the most interested in generating sites with good content and have ads in it.

While it is true Adsense is incredibly fussy with sites that use the service and has some rules, which have to be followed by any webmaster.

The main problem is that they DO NOT read the rules of adsense users carefully, and that is why they are losing their account, not because Adsense does not want to pay.

Another myth is that it takes a long time to pay, but this is not so.

For adsense to pay you must have at least $ 100 per month or remain accumulated until this amount is reached or exceeded, once this is achieved, payment will be made the following month.

Of course it is much simpler and faster than the payment is by bank deposit instead of check, since it takes time to arrive, but if the payment is by bank deposit, the money is available the next day.

Some of the rules that are most often inferred are:

  • Only 3 ad units are allowed, one links section and one search section per page. I have seen pages that have up to 5 or 6 ad units breaking the rule.
  • The content must be relevant and original to the site. About 3 years ago people could create sites called adsense farms, which were pages that contained nothing but many blocks of adsense, and when someone entered that page had no content but only links, this was banned more than a year ago and all those sites were discharged.
  • It is not allowed to ask anyone or encourage you to do click on the ads in order to earn more money, if google detects that this happens on a site, this will lead to suspension of the account.
  • Some people generate traffic with autosurf programs, so they click on the sites.
  • Of course, you can not click on the ads on your pages.
  • Promote illegal products on your site like raffles, casinos, pornography, etc.

These are some cases in which accounts are canceled, but it is not because they do not want to pay, but are strict with the quality of the site, so that advertisers are paying for quality traffic.

If we see the other side of the coin, and you hire an adwords campaign, it would seem very bad that someone is clicking on your ads just to earn money and not because it is interested in your site, product or service, dont you think?

If instead you are dedicated to creating a site of relevant, original content with interesting articles, to be constantly updated, Adsense will not have any eagerness to pay you, on the contrary! Such sites are the ones that generate more profits for them.


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