If you have a blog or you are an entrepreneur and you want to grow your business online, you should know that there are online tools that you can implement.

One of them is leadpages, very efficient when used as part of your marketing strategy.

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Do not worry if you have no idea what this leadpages is about, or how you can use it to grow your blog.

In this article, I will talk to you, not only about what leadpages is but about 8 ways it  can be useful.

What is a leadpage?

First, it must be clear that when I speak of lead pages I am not referring to an email marketing software; that is, it is not like Mailchimp, ConvertKit or Infusionsoft, which allow you to send mails to your subscriber list.

Lead pages are used to grow this list of emails, and if you want to send bulk emails, you must use another tool.

So what is it? leadpages are tools whose most outstanding function is to recruit email subscribers. In addition, you can find a large number of purdy templates for landing pages, you can also find templates for sales pages, among many others.

The truth is that this tool is very useful and easy to use.

Here is a link to leadpages .


And how it works?

This platform was created to generate and grow in a simple but fast way, the number of your leads. How do you do that? easy, building different types of pages for your business, such as:

  • Introduction or subscription pages.
  • 404 pages
  • Pages for webinars.
  • Sales pages
  • Video pages.
  • Pages of SEO blog categories.
  • AdWords campaigns.
  • Thank you pages
  • Among other.

The pages are done quite quickly, and in the same way, it is possible to publish them instantly.

How is a landingpage created within leadpages?

This platform offers you a lot of templates that you can choose according to the type of conversion.

Without a doubt, you can find one that suits your needs.

It has the possibility to drag and paste, as well as to customize the template by modifying the colors, fonts and general appearance of it.

Doing this does not take more than 5 minutes. Also, if you have any questions during the creation process, or how to publish it, you can contact the support service.

The benefits of leadpages analysis

It gives you the possibility to see how your publications are working, which allows you to make the decision about what to write in your next content.

In general, the platform gives simple tools with which you can interpret all the landing pages you have. In addition, you can also see how many people subscribe via a leadbox.

Benefits of using leadpages

  • You can publish your optimized pages, as well as build distinct platforms easy and simple.
  • If you wish, you can publish in WordPress, because leadspages adhere excellently to this platform. In the same way, you can publish even if it is not WordPress, by copying the HTML directly to your web page.
  • To use it on Facebook you just have to take the URL of the platform directly.
  • With leadpages you can analyze what is happening on your page, as it has integrated within the platform the option to see the rates of opt-in, number of viewers, conversion rates, and more. And this you can get by just creating your main pages. And, if that were not enough, you may be able to use different tools to analyze at the same time, such as Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Optimzely or Visual Website Optimizer, to name a few. Great, right?
  • You can use pop-up windows of leadbox, which appear when you choose an image or link that leads to know more about your web page, or to subscribe.
  • Likewise, it is able to direct your subscribers to the main page of the seminar, workshop or whatever you offer, without having to confirm your identity again.

This platform has quickly positioned itself at the top of the industry, and no wonder.

Since leadpages helps entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc. to grow their website and their business.

In addition, it is possible to use it without problems, because your server is really fast, it does not put you conditions of number of domains, nor restricts you the volume of traffic.

On the other hand, leadpages offers a good number of templates to choose, however, although the templates can be edited, it is only possible to use the elements that are inside it.

Of course, you have the option to drag and paste, which makes it super easy to manage. In addition, you can customize your landing page.

What is your cost?

Leadpages does not offer a 30-day free trial, but what it does provide is a guarantee of your money back if you have not obtained a result in 30 days.

On the other hand, it has a price for the monthly subscription and also offers the possibility of paying it annually, which gives you a very attractive 38% discount.

And … what are the things you can do with a leadpages?

In short, the leadpages has a great diversity of features that you can make good use of, but here I will talk about the ones that seem most relevant to me, and above all useful, so that your business or blog really grows.

1.- Webinars of Host.

If you are new to using webinars, leadpages is special for you, you can join your webinar presentation with a webinar template on leadpages.

It is also possible to place a chat within the session of your webinar, this so that the participants can interact and ask their questions. This will lower your costs since the software for webinars can be quite expensive.

In this sense, especially if you are starting, you can use this tool to make live broadcasts from Google Hangouts.

2.- Update content automatically .

Leadpages makes the task of sending updates to the email list simple, compared to platforms such as Mailchimp, which for somebody starting may be a little confusing. Also, if you have questions about how to make content updates, using leadpages is a perfect option. In leadpages, to be able to add new subscribers, what you need is to make a new leadbox, and then send a freebie automatically to the added emails.

3.- Creation of opt-in boxes within your blog entries.

Leadpages gives you the possibility to make a button to click inside your software, it is extremely easy and you get rid of problems.

On the other hand, and as a tip, you also have the possibility to create your buttons in Photoshop, in this way you avoid putting subscription forms, in addition, you can attach an image of what you will receive if you subscribe, which works as a motivator for the people.

4.- It is possible to create opt-in forms of your landingpages.

With leadpages, the construction of your landing page is very simple.

From the outset, you can access a large number of templates to create it to your liking and needs. Thus, you can choose templates where an opt-in box appears, so that people can write down their data, so that they can access your free lead magnet.

But, maybe you’re wondering, where is it that you should use your landing page? since it is possible to place more than one opt-in form. But, what is the goal of having a separate landing page? Well, then, I’ll list some important points.

  • You can create a link in your social networks, which sends directly to your landing page. In this way, you can obtain your data more easily. Instead of directing them to your web page, and delaying or hindering data collection.
  • Create a landing page separately, allows you to publish a tweet that sends directly to your landing page, without having to give directions to find the place on your website where the link to subscribe.
  • You can use it in social media advertising. This works like this: when using Facebook ads it is best to send them directly to your landing page, so they will not have many options, but subscribe or close the link. Unlike when you send a direct link to your website, blog or maybe to your sales page, which I do not recommend. On the other hand, it is more likely that once they are on your landing page, if they like what you offer, they subscribe.
  • If what you are doing is a survey or invitation, send people directly to your landing page, because if what they find is a blog or website, they may be lost or distracted by the information, they may not find what they are looking for. And what you want is to have your data to be able to establish a relationship with people.

5.- Create sales pages.

If you start your business by paying a designer, it is simply not economically, the best you can do is use the leadpages templates, which are very professional. In addition, you can choose from a large number of templates.

In that sense, you will have no problem finding something that suits your needs.

6.- Useful when collecting email subscribers, through text messages.

This works like this: you send a message to people asking them to respond with their email address, and once this is done, they will subscribe. This can be done with great success.

Not everyone will take the time to enter a web page, but if all they have to do is something quick and simple, they will do it. On the other hand, this strategy is not the best one to use as the main one in your marketing strategy; although it works, you better use others as the first strategy.

It is best to use it when the context facilitates it, for example, if you are in an event, conference, or in a similar situation.

7.- Create a page to thank the subscription and invitation to share your landingpage .

Just think, if what you do once people subscribe is to direct them to your homepage, to a page where you just say thank you or welcome, you are letting go of valuable opportunities.

Why do I tell you this? instead of sending them to one of the previous pages redirects to a page where in addition to thanking and welcoming, make a call to action, so that those who have just subscribed, share your page with your friends through of any social media, you will be increasing the possibilities of growing your subscribers. And believe me, this does work.

In this way, If 15 people subscribed to you, when they invite more people then they open the possibility of immense growth.

8.- Video hosting for free courses.

You can use the large number of templates that leadpages puts at your disposal to insert videos.

This is a good tool when, for example, you are offering a free course with video lessons, you can save time and create leadpages, a place to host your videos.

Finally, if what you really want is to help your business and make it grow, you should consider using leadpages, which is being used by a large number of entrepreneurs, because it is possible to apply it in different tasks, all aimed at your growth.

In short, Leadpages has proven to be a powerful tool, which manages to take you away.

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