Bloggers are the same species. We understand each other, We are passionate about addressing a topic and pronouncing ourselves through writing, hoping to change the look others have, broaden perspectives and leave something that we believe for the consideration of others.So far everything is going great. We want to change the world and we assume that we have the tools to achieve it. But the money? Oh, yes, you have to think about that

If we ask the more adults, they will be inclined to think that we will die of starvation by writing because that is not enough to eat.

Because you and I know that thanks to the opening of the virtual world, the forms of relationship, interaction, and supply of goods and services have changed radically, opening space for explorers like you and I want to do new things, live from them and keep our independence.

In this new global context, blogs are real options to make money. In the following lines, I will show you some aspects that you should know about blogs if you want to live from them.

We will divide this article into two major parts. In the first, I will show you how to open a blog and how to progressively feed it to achieve a loyal audience.

In the second part, we will dedicate ourselves to review the possible sources through which you can obtain money.

I anticipate that to achieve it will not be enough to produce content; On the contrary, you must position yourself as an entrepreneur and establish a strategic plan to sell products, services and, especially, sell yourself as a brand.

Step-by-Step Guide:

WordPress vs blogger

To begin with, you need to have a blog, of course. If you already have it, check if it is the best option for you. In some cases, free hosting services are the best option, especially if you do not have financial interests with your post.

But if you intend to make money with your blog, it is important that you analyze if it lends you the benefits you require as an entrepreneur. And I say, entrepreneur, because when you decide to have a blog as a source of income you are starting a profitable company.

The recommendation is to open a blog on wordpress. Let’s stop at this point because there are two options. The simplest, and free, is that of an automatic WordPress service.

With this alternative you simply open a blog and WordPress takes care of hosting and maintenance, so you can be quiet by simply typing.

However, it is not so versatile when you want to adapt and customize your blog to your needs, mainly because you can not install plugins.

And how does it affect you that plugins cannot be installed? you’re wondering. It is a really important limitation. The plugins are perhaps the biggest advantage of over any other blog platform, including the free version of

Plugins are programs that operate as complements to fulfill specific tasks with which to gain greater functionality.

There are about 31,000 plugins on security issues; statistics; management and optimization of social networks; marketing, sales and electronic commerce; Email marketing, design and blog optimization.

You can do almost anything with plugins to strengthen your chances of projecting your blog to earn money.

Also with the free option, you will not be able to sell on your blog, this limits the monetization of your blog.

In conclusion, although you must make a monthly payment with the option of the professional blog, it will not be more than 3 to 8 dollars a month, the advantages that offer you as a professional blogger are many compared to the free option.

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2: Create Useful and Interesting Content

They must be meaningful content for readers to get hooked and want to come back for more.

In the first instance, you must choose the subject on which you will publish. Among the wide list of categories I mention some:

  • Present
  • sports
  • books
  • Kitchen
  • Breeding
  • Culture
  • Film and television
  • Environment
  • Innovation, science and technology
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Health & Wellness
  • Humor
  • Music
  • Technology
  • Travels
  • Economy and business
  • Video game

These are the general topics. In turn, each of them Are divided into other subtopics. Of course, there are others, and you can even think of a new topic.

Think About what do you want to write? And in what are you an expert? The most important thing is that you find a topic in which you can provide real contributions that make a difference in people.

The other point is the writing style. You must think about the readers before writing. The linguistic and behavioral characteristics of your target audience will indicate how you should express yourself.

Check your personal style (if it is formal, informal, youthful, funny, fun, colloquial … all these options are valid) and adapt it to the people who will read you.

If you are a novice writer, before posting I suggest you do writing exercises, until you are satisfied with the results.

Send your writings to different people and receive their opinions. They will serve as judges who will give you feedback so that you get the expected results when writing.

On the other hand, it is vital that the publication is regular and stable, so that your readers know when you are going to publish. Keep some articles written as a wildcard, so you never run out of material.

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3: Make relationships in other social networks and on the web

You already know that the information on the internet doubles permanently, at accelerated rates. Finding your post is going to be very difficult no matter how good it is.

Then, you need to look for links with similar sites, go to the places that your readers frequent, contact the associations or groups that consume the contents that you are publishing and participate in the forums about your work topic.

You must begin to exist as an authoritative voice on the subject of your publication.

As you generate links and content in other blogs, social networks, and applications, you will gain followers who will understand that your content can be valuable to them. You must frequent the applications and pages in which your interests are shared.

For example, if your theme is art and image, applications like Instagram and Pinterest can be useful.

Another good option is to participate in mastermind in your area. A mastermind is a group of people who are experts in a subject or associated around a common interest, who share knowledge.

Do not limit yourself to look for groups of experts in the network. Search in your city groups of experts that can feed your knowledge.

This connection with those who possess the knowledge, on the one hand, and with those who consume it, on the other hand, will allow you to read the competition and deepen your knowledge on the subject, which is a double-track gain: you not only gain recognition public, but you increase your potential as a producer of valid content.

4: Create a good reputation with your readers

Continuing with the previous section, the quality and usefulness of your content will generate a reputation.This will be constituting you as a brand.

As with any other commercial brand, you must strategically plan your vision and mission, what you offer, who your customers are, how you want them to recognize you and what your short, medium and long-term goals are, among others. aspects.

This will allow you to take a strategic planning of your company and your blog.

5: Choose your source of income

Earning money directly from the content you publish is feasible but involves a long work and recognition.

Generally what bloggers do is to associate several sources of income to ads money.

The general idea that circulates is that a blog is a small platform in the line that serves as an intermediary for you to associate the contents with the sale of products and the offer of services.

It is a job that you do little by little, not from the night to the morning, unless you do something so strange and striking that your publications become viral.

For the vast majority of bloggers, it is about continuous work, quality of content, recognition, and flow of visits to later think about the capitalization of previous work.


Income Sources with a Blog

In the rest of this article, we will analyze the main sources of Monetization of your blog and some difficulties that may arise. In most cases the possible sources of income for blogs are the following:

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Digital products
  4. Physical products
  5. Services

You will already be thinking about what you can offe on your blog. Surely you already have some contacts with whom you can collaborate to earn money.

Other contacts will appear in the disclosure of your contents. Let’s review the options one by one so you can complete your plan.


You must make an important decision, whether or not you want advertising on your blog. According to the content you post, that can affect your freedom of opinion.

If you consider that it does not affect your credibility as an author, it is a direct way to obtain economic benefits associated with your content. There are several forms of advertising that can be included in your tickets:

a. Graphic Ads

They are the posters, images and graphics of companies that offer products and services for your readers. They are often located in the sidebar, in the header, in the footer or even within the content.For this, more than looking for yourself, you can contact an online advertising agency or advertising network.

These companies are responsible for serving as a link between writers and companies that want to advertise, in exchange for a percentage of the business. Among the companies that you can consult are:

  • Google adsense
  • Trade Tracker
  • Propeller Ads
  • Peerfly Review
  • Adscend Media Review
  • FlexOffers
  • Chitika
  • Bing and Yahoo Ads

This form of advertising can work if you have high traffic or are in a sector where customers pay well for each click. If you are starting your blog maybe you do not earn much money at the beginning.

b. Private Ads

There is also the less common option of establishing direct contact with the advertiser. If you have good connections or power of conviction, you can talk directly with companies that are interested in advertising on the Internet. With some persistence and luck you can get some ads.

In my personal experience I have found that if you pretend to take care of everything, things do not usually turn out well.

If there are companies specialized in searching and negotiating with advertisers, you can let them do the work they know how to do and you can do the same, concentrating on the production of content that generates flow.

c. Gifts to Clients

Companies use the strategy of offering their potential buyers gifts so they know their product and then buy it.

So you can get hats, shirts, souvenirs, initial chapters of books and a wide range of options. The first thing is to check if the material to give is of good quality, so that you do not offer trash to your readers.

Another thing you should do is decide if it is a good option for you and your customers, if you add value to your page.

In a positive case, negotiate with clients because you are lending your audience to circulate your product.

Sometimes this service can be free, but do not let them scare you for being a growing company.

d. Sponsored newsletters or podcasts

As with blogs, through newsletters and podcasts you can also obtain financing from sponsoring companies that advertise on the page where they are published, either because there is direct contact between the client and you, or through the intermediation of an advertising network.

e. Sponsored news

Surely you have seen in the newspapers newspaper notes or reports that talk about a brand, its products, offers, prices, history and other aspects.

These ads are always accompanied by the “paid advertising” header. You can do the same from your blog.

You can be hired by a company to write advertising articles that outline products and services of that brand, indicating from the header that the report is financed by such company.

This is a valid alternative, although you must be careful with what you are selling to your readers. Do not sell what you do not know, or things you do not believe in, or tell lies to your audience. Your credibility and your business are at stake.

F. Subscription posts

They work in a similar way to the sponsored news, except that in this case the topics of the writings are not directly related to the seller’s products.

The company that sponsors you pays you for a thank you note in which the brand is mentioned.

g. Learn About The Strategies Of Other Bloggers

Read about what other bloggers do to obtain resources in their blogs in exchange for publicity.

Different books and articles on the subject circulate. You must review and analyze each case to find the one that fits your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Each time users click on the link and buy or do some agreed action, you earn a commission.

Generally, the company you associate with pays you money when you reach $ 100, on average.

To get paid for this type of marketing you can search for networks in charge of contacting companies that want to advertise with publishers and authors.

Perhaps the most popular of these is Amazon.

When deciding on this option, consider that the products offered are related to what you write and the values you promote, so that your space does not lose integrity.

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Digital Products

You can sell different types of digital products from your blog:

Audio and video products such as music and video, through links.

Applications and plugins, if in addition to writing you dedicate yourself to programming or you are associated with someone who develops them.

Courses, seminars and online workshops

You can do a round business and organize trainings open to the public in which you delve into the topics you’ve covered in the blog posts. Or you can offer short courses, workshops or more extensive courses coordinated by other people.

In the latter case, you would serve as an advertising bridge in exchange for a percentage of the income.

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With experience and time, you can develop topics of work and create electronic books.The evidence shows that it is easier to sell yourself as an author if you have several titles available and not just one.

These books can be edited under the self-publishing modality, using platforms that help you to diagram the book.

In my opinion it is necessary to have an editor with experience to collaborate, since the quality of the book is not the same if you do it alone, without the help of the experts.

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Premium content and communities with membership

They are not so popular in some part of the world because we usually prefer free content, widely available on the internet.

However, to the extent that you offer services and information that is not available, or that have something additional that makes it valuable and for which we would be willing to pay, this type of bets can be seen circulating more frequently.

Just look at airports and movie theaters to know that VIP spaces are desired by consumers.

Photos and art

If you have artistic material or associated friends who are artists, you can expand the offer of your blog and enrich it with the sale of art.

I like this option a lot, because it broadens the repertoire of what is in your blog. While this may make your space look like a market, if you do it aesthetically it may be an additional point where people would want to visit you.

Sell your blog

Once you get a good number of followers, as happens with accredited public establishments, you can sell your blog. Some of them have sold very well.

Physical Products

If you have previously done books in physical format you can promote them through the blog. You can also contact publishers or bookstores to publicize the books in your portfolio that relate to the topics you address in your entries.

Conferences and events

When you have recognition and an assiduous group of followers, you can think of crossing the virtual barrier and summoning a group of people to offer a live seminar. To achieve this you need an elaborate speech and a considerable organization.

There are companies that take care of all the logistics of the event, but the prices are usually not low. Think of this option only when you have a captive market or if you have the funds and you are seeing the exercise as a way to activate your blog.


The craft market is moving very well. I would offer handmade products if on my blog I teach how to use raw materials to make decorative objects or similar things. But please do not sell handicrafts in your virtual space if your blog is about the economy, sports or anything else that has nothing to do directly with crafts.

As I mentioned, but I repeat, you must balance the need to make money and the identity of your blog as a company. If you convert your blog into a miscellaneous market, you will lose credibility, because no one is going to train at the corner store.

It is my opinion, but in many blogs, you will find that there is no qualms about selling any type of product, and it is a perfectly valid option. You are the one who decides.


Bloggers are creative and dynamic people. I can say almost certainly that most people do not decide to be bloggers as the last option, because they do not know how to do anything else. On the contrary, bloggers are usually people with expertise in different areas, whose proactivity leads them to open new windows in which they can show their knowledge. That being the case, your blog is the perfect scenario to offer the complimentary services in which you usually work, or other derivatives of your new occupation. Most likely, if people believe you and frequent your blog, they are willing to hire you when they require your services.

Interestingly organize a portfolio of complementary services associated with the blog. This way you can expand the offer and generate greater dividends.

Another way is to offer services not associated with the blog. Again, I prefer to expand the business without expanding the sections, that is, offering more services in the same area before promoting all kinds of services. However, in blogs you can see all kinds of service offers: writers, administrators, salespeople, assistants, chefs, designers, plumbers and whatever you can think of doing. In any case, try to organize your blog with the principles of consistency and consistency, aspects that do not have to conflict with the economic gains.

What difficulties arise when trying to earn money with a blog?

It is not as rosy as you think. As you have seen with all that I have mentioned in this article, although it is possible to make a living writing a blog, it requires extensive work and that you are skillful, without neglecting any front, so that in the end you achieve a significant number of followers who faithfully read your tickets and for whom your work is so respectable that they are willing to believe in your suggestions to buy books, courses, articles or whatever you have decided to include as products and services to capitalize your initiative.

So that you do not forget, we will mention one by one the main difficulties you will face:

1: Lack of motivation

It will not be enough that dreaming of birds in the air decide tomorrow when you get out of bed that blogs are your thing and that as you have the solution to the problems that afflict the world everyone will read what you have to tell us and it will rain for you. they will subsidize and pay you for allowing them to support you.

If it does not happen to be a momentary interest motivated to get money, I wish you good luck; You will need it. If you really want to achieve it, that initial motivation should go from being an intention to being a structured project that is at the top of the important activities of your day today. It is not enough to want it, since you will find many difficulties along the way and if the reasons to continue are not strong enough you will easily stay on the road.

The intrinsic motivation, that which comes from your insides and from the nucleus of your life projects, must be present as an intense flame that accompanies you. Otherwise, carefully analyze if it is the best way for you to get money.

2: Lack of knowledge on the subject of the blog

You may think that you are an expert on a subject and that is why you can write about it. In some cases, it will be true, but in most cases, you will see that there are many people who dominate the subject, maybe better than you. Therefore, before starting to publish, make sure you are up to date on the latest discoveries and innovations in the area of the blog that you will write.

Your readers will not like to find gaps and, with so much competition, they will go without hesitation to the blog where they offer the best and most complete information. Once you are discovered in ignorance, you will lose them. Therefore, launch yourself only when you really know what you are saying.

3: Lack of study

It is not enough that you have done a graduate or a course that gives you the latest knowledge. Knowledge advances rapidly, as we have heard over and over again, this new knowledge will soon expire. If you offer information and knowledge, you must be a permanent researcher, updated and knowledgeable of the avant-garde.

4: Lack of discipline

Have you thought about what it means to write an article or more a week? You will have to read, investigate, analyze, deduce and produce new things every time. It is a strong commitment, a type of child that if you leave only for a few days you can die. When you think about adopting a pet, you acquire a permanent responsibility. You have to feed him, take care of him, pamper him, share with him your space, worry when he seems ill, find friends and always think about how to make him happy. Well, exactly the same happens with a blog. It is a child that you will have to attend permanently.

You can go partying, rest, give yourself a few days, but the responsibility will be there, waiting for you. If you are one of those who are enthusiastic about an idea but abandons it over time because it demands a lot, think again, maybe a blog is not for you. If you look at some of your favorite blogs, you will see the permanent and unremitting passion that their authors have for their space. Never neglect it. If they do, it shows and people move away quickly.

5: Difficulty expressing yourself in writing

This is another crucial point. Writing is not easy. They train us for decades to learn to write but few manage to express themselves in a fluid, coherent and convincing way with the written word. The informality of the internet makes colloquial language, less elaborate, relevant for this type of writing. However, it is necessary that you handle the basic rules of language construction.

Among the key points we can mention the adequate construction of the sentences, the construction of coherent paragraphs, the relation of paragraphs in a clear and orderly text, the elaboration of a plan before beginning to write, the proper handling of the intentionality of the speech, the follow-up of the previously elaborated plan so that the objectives of the writing do not deviate, the proper use of punctuation, coherence in the use of gender and number. In addition to the management of a style of writing that is friendly, entertaining, guidance, encouraging and motivating to read you from start to finish.

As you can see, it is not enough to know about a topic but also to know how to transmit it. If you have difficulties in the written expression I suggest you enroll in online courses and fill in the deficiencies before starting your blog. Along with this, it is desirable to have a style reviewer, who will help you improve your articles.

6: Marketing and advertising ignorance

You must learn basic aspects of how the products are offered and how they are sold. Making a blog lucrative involves creating content that sells, and this content is not sold alone. You can rely on experts dedicated to supporting bloggers to convert their proposals into profitable businesses, but this can be expensive. Instead, or in a complementary way, check what other bloggers have done to make money with your content and study judiciously what has been published on the subject so you can learn the tools and strategies necessary to make your project profitable.

7: Difficulty finding your niche

The subjects that obviously call the public are already more than saturated. If you do not have a good market niche open to possibilities better take your time to continue looking for it.

Unless you contribute something radically new it will be very difficult to achieve a place in a space already full of proposals. Do not reject the idea of making a blog in the company of another person who already has that niche in the market. You can even think about making a blog with collaborators who have an important speech to hear. What you definitely can not do is give more of the same.

8: Get followers

This is one of the neuralgic points to achieve in other to subsist among bloggers. If you are a recognized person, you can go to your audience to generate traffic. If you’re not, you’ll have to work hard to create an audience that follows the steps. You must open accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and all social networks that you consider can serve you. It is your natural market that will allow you to start rolling the ball. You must immediately promote this dynamic by publishing content that promotes the visit to your blog.

9: Positioning on the web

Most of your followers will come from the search engines. You must be trained in the management of the basic principles of SEO so that your content is fully adequate and you are easily found on the web. You can find multiple free documents with which you can become an expert in the management of positioning strategies in the network.

10: Unattractive designs

Surely you have heard that food comes through the eyes, that the first impression is what counts and other similar sayings that allow us to understand, from the popular knowledge, that aesthetics is a fundamental aspect to attract people. If you do not invest in achieving a professional-looking layout, with modern designs, colors that adequately convey the meanings of your content, invite you to stay and browse your blog, with images that accompany your texts, which sometimes expand and say Other things that are not included in the text, you will run serious risks as a successful blogger.

Do not fall into the error of thinking that your authority exposed in the content is the only thing you need to achieve traffic on your page. Your clients do not know you and they will not come knocking on your door to hear you. You must win them and the first thing they will repair your blog is not the importance of your content, but the visual aspect of your article.

11: About loading ads

If by winning money you fill all the spaces of publicity of your sponsors in some way you will be betraying and betraying your readers. You will betray yourself because you will be giving more importance to the notices of the products and services that you promote than to the same content. You will betray your readers because you will not give them space to breathe and you will be putting your offers through their eyes. Be fair and look for the content to prevail over advertising.

What do we conclude?

 There are many ways for you to earn income, good income, through your blog. Do not limit yourself to just one option, since the real gain is generated in the union of the different possibilities. If you stay only with paid advertising, it is unlikely that you earn enough to be a full-time blogger, more if you’re just starting, you do not have enough subscribers and you can not play with ease in the world of bloggers.

On the contrary, you must produce interesting and novel contents that, supported by your charisma, sympathy, knowledge, expertise and authority in the subject, allow you to build a space that serves as a platform to offer other types of products and services.

There are thousands of people trying the same as you, so you’ll have to work hard and stand out so that the buyers deposit the money in your pocket. You can not stop in this race.

If you ask me, the service sector has the greatest economic potential. In that case, you are selling your accumulated expertise, covered by your authority in the area of which you write. If they hire you it is because they recognize those qualities in you and can charge well for your contributions.

If you know how to manage audiences and accounts with didactic tools to coordinate courses, you have a high potential as an entrepreneur offering services and, of course, you will have more possibilities. In that case, I repeat, you are using the blog as a catapult, but the real product is yourself.