In short, if you plan to make a blog, or you wonder why someone would put so much effort into something like this, today I will give you a handful of reasons for you to cheer up and join this activity that is so rewarding.

1. You can help people

Many people feel that their work is futile and does not contribute anything. To think that you are only living a harmless vicious circle, leaving nothing important for the world can be very depressing and the worst thing is that it is very common.

Well, a blog will allow you to manage the content you upload to the page on your own. If you want to make makeup tutorials, crafts, PC repair, programming, whatever, it’s in your hands, you choose!

Although you think you can not do much, a blog can change people’s lives. You can provide valuable knowledge for people to substantially improve their lifestyles. There are blogs that teach people how to make money online, to invest your money; blogs about meditation and good eating habits; There are blogs about pet care and even mechanics and repair. You can contribute all your knowledge to give happiness to people. There are no limits.

2. It’s really easy!

Being a blogger does not take any time and requires really few previous skills. In this profession, it may well be called that, everything is learned on the fly, and the most important knowledge will come to you from other bloggers or from the internet itself.

You can acquire your own hosting and your domain for very little money and in no more than 20 minutes you will be already running your own blog.

Unlike any other project, you will not have to complicate with large investments, tedious procedures and thousands of obstacles. That’s what makes so many people try: you have very easy access and very good chances of success.

You are the only one who can say what the limit is.

3. You can earn money with this

And yes, it is also an aspect that matters. As much as we want to help and improve this world, the truth is that we can not live on gratitude. And that is the great advantage of being a blogger: you can not only do what you dream, live as you wish, but you can also profit from it.I’m not going to cheat you, it requires hard work, but is not that the case with all that is worth it? Making a blog generate profits does not require more work than any conventional job we can get, and it is really much more rewarding.

Perhaps the hardest moment is the first step, while you start from scratch. But, if you are a professional and you put the energy, in a short time it will become an additional income that will greatly facilitate your life. You will not have to invest practically money, and you will be working in a business with an excellent future.

All the time, bloggers around the world manage to sell their sites by thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. And that without counting what they earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with their blogs. This can be a real gold mine.

4. You will have more freedom

This is one of the strongest reasons to become a blogger. As such, you can manage your times in the way you prefer. You can write in the morning, at night, or whenever you want. You can travel around the world at the same time you upload content and you can get up at noon if you want to. The only condition is that you have some discipline to upload content regularly and keep your site active. However, nobody will be above you, nobody will demand anything from you. You will be your own boss and how much you win and how far you get with this, will depend entirely on you.

5. You will make new friends!

It seems a somewhat frivolous section, but it really is one of the most positive parts of this profession. If you are an adult, it is sometimes difficult to make new friends. Most of us tend to meet old friends from school or college and maybe we get to meet people at work.And even for the younger people who start in this, you get to meet very interesting people in the blog environment.

Most may think that writing a blog is a solitary activity that is carried out only sitting in front of a computer. But no. There are many people who share this incredible activity and knowing those who understand what you do and can share their experiences with you is something that will make you love all this more.

6. You can change your life

The majority (if not all) happens that at some point in our lives we suffer a crisis. We feel we are stuck at a point and we can not get out of there. Everything becomes darker and perhaps what we loved, tends to lose meaning.

In those moments, we feel that we need to turn the rudder 180º and change the course. Renew our air, do something new.

Writing a blog can be exactly what you need. It is something that, as I mentioned before, does not require practically a monetary investment. In fact, it almost does not require anything, you just need to be enthusiastic and be open to acquiring new knowledge.

If you do it right, it will be something that opens the doors to many new possibilities.

7. You will develop new and very valuable skills

Nowadays the world is changing radically. The skills that allow you to earn a living are no longer those that were required a few decades ago. If you want to have a future in this new world, you need to know programming, web design, image editing, writing, etc. And taking a blog you will learn precisely all those skills.The internet abounds in places where you can learn all the skills that I mentioned before, on your own and even without paying. I assure you: it is much easier than you can believe.

8. You can promote other traditional businesses that you already have

When you have a business (if you are a lawyer, bricklayer, or have a kiosk in a corner), the world is a city full of potential customers who circulate through all the different streets by car, on foot, by bicycle, etc. In this small fictitious world, if you have a blog, you will suddenly have a wide illuminated avenue that invites all potential customers to buy in your business.

We live in a competitive world, where the amount of sales you make depends on your ability to snatch customers from your competitors. So, if you want to increase your income, you must make your business as accessible as possible to everyone. You have to create a large, bright canopy that everyone can see. That will be a blog for your business. I assure you, it will be worth more than any publicity you can get to pay.

9. It will help you succeed in social networks

Most people think that if you are successful in social networks, you can boost the traffic of your blog. But the truth is actually the opposite. All those who have social networks with thousands of subscribers base the traffic of their profiles on an external website or a blog.So, if you want to take visits and interactions to your social networks, you should add a unique and striking blog by which everyone can recognize you in the middle of the crowded world of social networks.

10. It can open many new opportunities

Opening up to the world to show everything in your head can be a little scary. However, when you open yourself to the world, you connect with it. And that connection can open you innumerable doors.

The opportunities are out there for those who are willing to take them. You just have to go out into the world and be encouraged to experiment. You may make some mistakes, but that is how you learn in life, and you will be much wiser.

11. You can increase the sales of your site

In business (especially in the world of online business) there is the concept of creating a funnel. This refers to a system that optimizes the traffic of your page so that it becomes the largest possible number of sales.A blog will do that for your sales site. I mean that the readers of your blog will be attracted by your content, will be interested in what you do and will arrive at your site much more willing to buy whatever you are selling.

12. You can substantially improve your positioning in Google

Each new entry in your blog will be indexed individually in Google, which means that each individual post will increase visits to your main site.

The truth is that the percentage of visitors that arrive through your home page is minimal. The vast majority of traffic that enters your site is done by individual publications and to a greater extent by the contents of your blog Traffic graphs will skyrocket!

13. Can reduce stress

You can download any thought that is stuck in your mind through your blog ─clear, always in the appropriate way.It’s basically the same as doing therapy, but probably more entertaining. This process of expressing what you keep inside, write it, shape it and present it to the public, is the best way to download it. It can be incredible. And when your audience responds, participates, and shares their own experiences and opinions, it’s really comforting.

Even if you reach a great growth with your blog, with all the complications that implies, at the end of each article you end up feeling really good. If I had to compare it with something, I think it would be like tattooing: at times it is pleasant and at times it is difficult and even painful, and it seems that the process will never end. You may even think about quitting more than once. But you finish it and when you see the result you know that you will want to do it again.

14. You can get help for personal problems

We all have problems. Most of us would need help to solve some of them. Although it is a willing ear that allows us to change the perspective.

When you share your problems through your blog, many people are interested, identified, and there are many good people out there who are willing to help you.

Yes, the world is not as dark as newscasts make us think. Open yourself to the world, and surely something good will come to you.

15. You can potentially change the world

The Internet has given us a medium where anyone can express themselves and reach a global audience. That is something more powerful than any weapon.

For the first time in history, we can tell the world what is happening, and the world will listen to us. We have freed ourselves from television and radios managed by economic interests.

Imagine: if you have done everything possible so that thousands or millions of people visit your blog, if you already have an audience, you can give a voice to the problems of your community, you can make it public so that all those who think like you, you follow and together make a change.

It is possible, everything is possible and more now than ever.

16. A blog can transform your brand

Your personal brand is one of the most important things you can have. It is what sets you apart from the competition, which makes them come to you and not to another who offers the same.A blog will allow you to achieve that: if you sell something, if you offer a service, write books, whatever it is, you can show yourself, make yourself known as a person beyond what you sell, and you can tell everyone why what you do is unique and can be better than others.

17. You can give a “soul” to your company

Writing in a blog and social networks has recently allowed companies to develop a “soul”, a recognizable face for people, a personality with which to connect. This helps build trust and loyalty and is especially useful for online businesses, where people feel they have many more risks.

Even today, we have recorded in our subconscious the image of the business face to face, of knowing the one who sells us and talking to that person.

Physical businesses have something that the Internet can never reach and it is about human contact. However, through a blog, you can achieve the closest thing that exists to that human contact. You can make people know your story, your experiences and you feel like a person, you and your product. And that confidence can greatly increase your sales.

18. It is a great challenge

We all need challenges, we need a goal that guides us along the path we walk, something that makes us work for a reward.A blog is a constant challenge. It requires hard work, effort and time. When you get 1000 visits you will want 10,000 and when you have 100,000 you will not want to stop until the million. You will learn new skills constantly and you will be able to research new ways to make your site better and better.

And in the end, the feeling that you have achieved what you proposed, that you have done something greater than you would have ever believed. That feeling that you triumphed despite everything and above any expectation.

That is the greatest reward of all this.

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And without further ado, I hope I have helped you to decide with this little article. I would like you to leave a comment, tell us your experience. We would love to know what you think and if you are already launching your blog.

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