If you want to start making money online quickly, just create a blog.

The easiest way to generate a web page if you do not know HTML programming is to create a blog.

A blog is supposed to be a web page that is like an electronic journal, but today a blog is actually already a structure known as a web page, it continues to be a journal, but it can carry all the necessary information of a Web page.

There are several options to generate a blog and start making money with it, through different monetization systems, in fact this page you are reading is a blog, although not much notice.

There are very economical platforms to implement and that will allow you to generate income gradually if you are constant and its content is of relevance, quality and unique so that your readers come back continuously and can reach good traffic.

There are two great options to create a blog and start making money with it, please take into account that this method of generating money is a little slow, but it is growing slowly.

The first is Google Blogger, which is a free platform that you can  start to publish in a matter of minutes.

The second is WordPress, which is a platform also free and much more robust than Blogger, which improves every day and is very simple to implement, it is also the best option to have a personalized blog on your own served.

The most important thing is that you should develop your blog on the topic that you like the most and which you can write on.

This article is only an introduction, I will soon publish on the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two platforms.


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