Content sites are those that are dedicated to a niche of readers and can deal with anything from hobbies to training, dating, etc.

The internet has grown a lot because 90% of people are looking for information, and those readers are looking for a lot of incredibly varied topics so that there are always readers for each topic, those topics are known niches or English Niches.

So the major search engines including the main one that is Google, prefer those sites that contain a large amount of information on a specific niche and the content is original.

So one of the ways to make money online is to create a content site and monetize it with several ways to earn money legally that exist, so that the more original content you add, the more search engines recommend it, the more traffic generated and more money will win.

The main advantage of this type of site is that it is really economical to start and maintain them, and they can generate a small income from the 1st day, which can grow daily while more original content you write.

In English it is known as Niche Marketing or niche marketing, and is intimately linked to the term VRE or Virtual Real Estate, which means virtual real estate.

Are you ready to start?


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