News broke out yesterday and in few months hours, It had already turned the world of internet marketing, and that is causing many problems and panic to the  thousands of people who made money from Amazon through PPC advertising.

The news that has caused such a stir is the fact that Amazon just changed the policy of its affiliate program, saying that it no longer paid commissions to those who were sending traffic to Amazon directly from PPC campaigns like Google Adwords.

And there were thousands of people making money every day with this method, in fact even one of the most famous books in Internet Marketing is Day Job Killer, which explains how to make money with Adwords and Amazon used this method.

It does not really mean that they no longer make money with Adwords and Amazon, but now they must have a landing page if they want to send someone to Amazon and from there to Amazon to be able to win their commission.

It is forcing Affiliates to acquire their own domain and own hosting so that they can continue to use PPC to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program.

On the other hand, there are thousands of other people who are not impacted by this change because they have their landing pages (especially for products that are expensive) and thus better manage their advertising strategies, or they have direct stores connected directly to Amazon.

It is said that Amazon has taken this resolution because it no longer wants to be competing for the cost of the clicks of its own affiliates, which ensures that your advertising is much more economical and remunerable for them.


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