If you do not already have a blog and want to know the basics, if you have it and you’re still not sure how to return profitable and want to move to the next stage, or if you are losing audience to your blog already established, you came to the right place.
Here I will list 30 things that competition does not want you to know. The road is hard, but the results will not disappoint.
This guide is divided into 3 parts, but even if you’re in the latter category. it would not hurt you to take a look at you earlier to polish your technique work.
Points 1/10: Beginners
Points 11/20 intermediate
Points 21/30 Advanced
10 things that beginners should never stop doing

1. Before thinking about the content, think of the money
As creative, it is a natural process of our brain to think about the content rather than how to get money. But we must become more mathematical and accept that if we are facing this challenge is not art. It is to increase our income.
With this new perspective will understand the first thing you have to do is analyze your potential competitors and find out what they have done to succeed and do it. Let’s face it, why try to discover the black thread if others already are using. Of course, then you can adapt yourself to create a unique blog.
Analyzing your competitors and find smart to monetize your site, generate traffic, convince your visitors to convert your call to action, or whatever they’re doing to succeed, and copy forms. This way you avoid the pain of creating content that at the end of the day does not meet your expectations and have to change it. Adapt content is costly in time, effort and money.
Rule number one: Do things upside down. First is the money and then the content

Tip: Search the network information how to monetize your blog.

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10 things that beginners should never stop doing
1. Before thinking about the content, think of the money
As creative beings, it is a natural process of our brain to think about the content rather than how to get money. But we must become more mathematical and accept that if we are facing this challenge is not art. It is to increase our income.
With this new perspective, you will understand that the first thing you have to do is analyze your potential competitors and find out what they have done to succeed and do it. Let’s face it, why try to discover the black thread if others are already using it. Of course, then you can adapt yourself to create a unique blog.
Analyzing your competitors and finding smart ways to monetize your site, generate traffic, convince your visitors to convert your call to action, or whatever they’re doing to succeed, and copy forms. This way you avoid the pain of creating content that at the end of the day does not meet your expectations and have to change it. Adapt content is costly in time, effort and money.

2. Highlight or die
Admit it, note it is not a simple thing. Even if we remember those terrible school years can cause us some chills remembering how difficult it is to achieve. The first thing to do is to take away mental lock and realize how easy it is to note that following these simple directions can help you to the top over the overwhelming number of blogs that are created every day.
First, remember that 99% of your competitors do not know what they are doing and copy the forms and content of some famous blogger. Remember that copying the competitor’s strategy is smart but presenting the exact proposal is not smart. can we copy and still stand out?
Yes but we have to continue studying but in this case the majority.
If I find they are writing short texts, then create deep and long posts. If all are adding publications on your blog, then to put a podcast or a video. If others are using AdSense to monetize, try to do email marketing. Whenever you go against the tide, mark this line, you will always stand out.

Rule two: Emphasizes by not following your competitors
Tip: Investigate Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, Derek Halpern, Seth Godin. They are very successful bloggers who have mastered the art of stand out.

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3. Create deep and interesting content
Very few people know that the articles of more than 2 thousand words are classified very well in Google. the time where small items of no more than 500 increased traffic to your site over.
People have become accustomed to looking for answers on the Internet and short articles, which are primarily recreational reading, no longer meet the needs of people who surf every day. Deep items will definitely give you the lead.
It is important to know that Google, the leading search engine worldwide, is concerned about providing quality information to its users and giving priority to the deeper articles. Forget about the items steamed to ensure better placement of your content in search.

Content Marketing: 2 Essential Elements To Start

The way to achieve this is to forget the quantity and focus on quality. 2 items are preferred deep a month instead of 10 short articles. It is something that will help exponentially long term.
Rule number three: Create content and quality depth of more than 2000 words.
Tip: Read about how to write quality articles.

4. Do not stop writing For other blogs
All, when we started, we suffer from the problem of traffic, specifically the lack of it. The truth is that it is difficult to attract large audiences if you only write for your own blog. So put the batteries and start writing for others and let those others write for you.
Thus exponentially increasing your reach online, you increase the authority of your domain and build quality links in the process.
But here ‘s a big problem.
The writers are very individualistic and do not like teamwork. Well, if you need privacy, write a book. A blog survives by attracting traffic because in this way improves in the rankings of search engines.
Do not be tempted to write exclusively for your blog. Is one the most terrible mistakes when embarking on this adventure.
Rule number four: Increase your reach writing for others and inviting writers to publish on your blog

Tip: Read what you can about effective recommendations for guest blogs.

5. Builds Confidence
People simply do not buy from online strangers. We’re not talking about people who know you personally, if not the followers who have built a relationship of trust and connection with you through your content. Remember, it is hard to achieve anything if you do not get the following things: confidence and authority.
Without trust, trying to increase traffic to your site is an impossible dream. Even if you manage to attract many visitors, very few come to realize the action you require. Therefore, you should try to gain the trust of your visitors right now. This is not easy, but it is not impossible and if you follow these tips, it could become really simple.

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  • Not to recommend products or services you personally have not used. NEVER you promote a product solely for financial gain, better focus on your audience and they themselves will take care of growing your blog. As easy as that.
  • Get some experts write testimonials on your blog. Ask them to write a favorable review of your page, let them interviews or required to have any involvement in your blog. Eventually, this will make your site benefit long term.
  • Write comments on other blogs prestige and displays the selection on the main page of your site. If people see your posts reach the best blogs will not hesitate quality of yours and read your content.

Rule Number Five: Work on building trust.
Tip: Do not grieve the participation of bloggers ask prestige, the worst they can say is no and if they are not so good. Blogger despises no effective participation.

6. Do not focus on SEO when you’re starting
Optimizing your SEO is a huge process and if you are starting just concentrate on getting nice and quality content.
Why? Well, because it is a process that easily penalizes you if it detects filler words and also if you do not know how to use it properly. It can cause more harm than good. For this reason, you must first focus on making quality content, dynamic and appealing to your readers. Encouraged to be shared and attract links from other blogs and grow naturally.
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Rule number six: Do not focus on SEO at first but in your content.
Tip: Still learning the basics so that eventually you can go integrated. / 20 Intermediate

7. Contact the influencers
Have connections with bloggers who are above the scale of your industry because they will help you in three important ways to grow rapidly.
Benefit with your blog traffic
Increase Your Sales
Increase experience
Rule number seven: Enjoy the journey way more experienced than you.
Tip: To get the help of a successful blogger rather than seek their help, think about what you can offer them.

8. Focus on the traffic source network number 1
At first, with all the enthusiasm in the world and trying to take off, you start to promote your blog in every way you can think of. Through social media, videos, publishing guests, among others.
Well, this is the easiest way to burn. What happens when you spend your energies in every possible way to drive traffic and does not work? As you burn your ships and will backfire.
“That much does not catch anything”, focus on a single source of traffic, choose the best, spend all your time and effort on it, and finally see the results. You should be tested for a month or two in various sources, then through trial and error that you choose to provide better gains. It is a relatively slow process so be prepared to see the dividends in about a year.
Rule Number Eight: Focus on one traffic source
Tip: Find ways to attract traffic in Facebook groups.

9. Monetize your blog from the beginning
Everyone believes that the most effective way to monetize is to create content: generate traffic and monetize. They are totally wrong.
The first thing to do is decide what your niche. Since you have clearly defined your audience and know what you want, you can create content aimed at them, which will attract more traffic and therefore more sales.

Rule number nine: Define your niche and create content for it. An audience random exponentially difficult achieve a sale.
Tip: Read and learn everything you can about returning your website more profitable.
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10. Create a mailing list even before you start.
Surely you are aware of the importance of this point. Most successful bloggers say that if they had made a list during its beginnings, the effort to stand out from the crowd would not have been so great. Imagine having a list of at least a thousand people waiting to read your first blog. Great? And then focus on himself to the creation of this list.
First: Send an email to everyone you know about the new blog, informal that it be treated and asked to subscribe their updates by e-mail.
Second: Give gifts. You have no idea what grows your list in this way.
Third: Use Facebook and Twitter to spread your message and ask people who subscribe to your blog.

Rule number ten: Make a list before you start your blog.
Tip: Use GetResponse, MailChimp, etc. to start growing your email list. They offer free trials.
Read our guide on how to make a mailing list and email marketing
Intermediates tips for those bloggers with more than half a year of experience

11. Do not open another blog at this stage
As they begin to monetize a bit, most bloggers open up a second blog without thinking. What happens when you have two blogs and the first is not set yet? None will be profitable.
Time to think about a second blog is when the first is so well established that leave us all our time to work on the second. No exceptions, do not waste your time and what you’ve achieved so far.
So if you’re eager to grow now that your blog is taking off, cool head and start thinking about automation.
Rule number eleven: Focus on one blog at a time.
Tip: Do not read anything about, use that time to automate your blog.

12.- Use sales funnels
Sites like Smart Passive Income or Problogger are making millions of dollars in sales annually. What do they have in common? They use sales funnels.
Funnels are the tools that help you convert visitors into subscribers or customers. If you do not have one, you finish reading this point and get to work on it right away.
The steps to follow are 3:
Define your ideal client.
What you need, what you want, how old he is, where he lives, where it connects to the network; you must think of everything.
Find out what you can do to meet the needs of your ideal client.
Educate your visitors about the products you sell or create
Rule number twelve uses sales funnels.
Tip: Find out everything you can about increasing affiliate sales without increasing your traffic.
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13.- test your monetization strategy
Evaluate your monetization strategies and define which one is bringing more dividends to your site. Also, check if you can do “passive income” of traffic visiting you. If you realize that only accounts with a single monetization strategy, it’s time to think of more. You can not predict when your source is going to be a stumbling block, and if you want to survive it must have the support of at least two more.
What actually I’m advising is to look for all monetization strategies you know, you can find out which ones work for other successful bloggers, and enter a test trial and error to stay with your work to achieve more revenue liabilities at end of the month.
Rule number thirteen: Evaluate your monetization strategies.
Tip: Read about what you can and values the experiences of other bloggers.

14.- Regularly analyzes your website to correct problems
Have you not been able to increase traffic to your search engines while you’re publishing content more regularly? What may be happening is that your site may be experiencing compatibility issues, tracking or SEO.
You know that Google gives priority to sites that are easy to use. If your website is not Browser friendly, metadata description is incorrect or the titles of your articles are too long, it can be damaging exponentially traffic you receive.

TOP 20 Apps For Bloggers you have to use
I recommend using tools like SEMRush to troubleshoot and identify situations that may cause problems on your site. This tool has a feature that is especially useful called “Site Audit” where you can set up a project with your own domain name and find the problems you have.
Rule Number Fourteen: Evaluate your site regularly
Tip: Find and fix problems on your website

15. Your first priority: to increase your mailing list
One of the main mistakes people do is spending most of the time trying to increase their number of followers on Facebook, Twitter or others.Can you not do it on your website? How will they achieve to have a profitable site if they continue with this practice?
If you have your list on Facebook and for some reason, you decide that you are not following your rules, you can lock your profile. Other platforms like Google+, Instagram, etc. They have the same practice. If you concentrate much effort on your blog page, you would grow your mailing list and you would be only one who has control over it.
Rule Number Fifteen: Reverses time increasing the mailing list on your blog.
Tip: Read the tutorial to create a list GetResponse email responsible
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16. Write for your readers, not Google
This is the reason why many bloggers carry many visitors to their sites but do not have many followers.
You can not make your call conversions action if your audience is not loyal. If you dedicate solely to optimize your content to Google, your followers will immediately notice the phrases and words that are repeated unnecessarily and content will no longer seem interesting considering that is poorly written or unprofessional.
As already mentioned, the secret is to attract audiences with quality content. To wait for the next post and feel the urge to share when you have already read. They are worth more than ten readers who only come to spend time on a single occasion.
Of course, you do not go to extremes and forget optimization for Google completely, just be sure to prioritize readers.
Rule Number Sixteen: Create quality content that grabs your readers.
Tip: Read all recommendations you can to improve your content.

17. Focus on growing your presence on social media
Social media today has a new name: SEO. To grow you can support on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. These sites help you 3 extraordinary ways.
Rapidly increase your blog traffic and make your headlines viral.
You connect with influencers sites.
You can create your own sets using Facebook fan pages or Twitter chats.
Be careful when you make up your mind.It is advisable to approaches this point one at a time. You can never concentrate all your energy on it if you diversify the media. Face one at a time, and since you have mastered begins with the following.
Rule number seventeen: Grow your social networks.
Tip: Learn how to use every means to your end.
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18. Interview with prominent bloggers in your niche
This practice helps you in two ways:
First, you will build strong relationships with the most influential industry and which most interests you right now: you ‘ll increase the visibility of your blog quickly. Of course, contacting them is difficult but not impossible even if you’re just starting out.
To connect with an influencer, it is important not to leave anything to steam. Read what you have written before the interview so you can stand out and bond with him. Make annotations, do not repeat questions and not make too many, 5 to 10 is enough to make a compelling interview. Do not forget that most successful bloggers are very busy and do not respond to all your emails so take a deep breath and do not despair.

How to be Youtuber
What you can do is write emails stand out. Emails are the most common way to connect and contact people currently.
If you can establish a prior relationship with the blogger this will help tremendously. So start to comment on your page, write messages as a guest, buy your product and have anything that makes you stand out from among people who want to know.

Rule number eighteen: influencers interview.
Tip: Try to connect with them to ensure their participation.

19. Wealth is measured in confidence
You can not sell a product or service if you do not have the confidence of the people. Therefore trust is the key to monetizing your site. In order to get the trust of your followers performs the following tactics:
Add a space for public comment. Ask people who have used your product or service that bear witness on your blog. You’ll see your conversions increase.
Continuously interact with your followers and customers you already have. It is important to be aware of their frustrations and to try to resolve it through your content, services or your product offerings.
Logo format should be shown in portals where you appeared as a guest. When visitors discover a brand they trust behind, More trust will get to your to your blog. This is the most tangible and clear way to build trust among your audience nimbly.
Rule number nineteen: Trust is the currency online.
Tip: Listen what the people who follow you have to say.

20.- The art of having a list of effective email
The most successful bloggers earn the majority of their income through their mailing lists. Electronic marketing is very effective and that’s not a secret for anyone. But one that is not so well known is that writing is equally captivating post positive when selling. If you used this medium to build connections with influencers, and know a thing or two about getting better and faster responses in the marketing field.
If you are still finding difficulty in that area, then pay attention to the following three key tips to improve traffic to your blog, your links and especially your sales.
Decide how much time you can devote to writing emails daily and turn them into people, do one, two, three? Establishes a number and follow it religiously every day. Do not expect any response and adds value to your emails. Thank says, thinks, or whatever you want, anything goes.
The only rule is that you make a short, fun and memorable post. Do not stretch out and not platitudes all your life. In a globalized world, nobody has time to read emails and if they see a very long not only will they close, but they might never reopen anything that comes from your name. It is important that the title of the mail is striking. See this medium as a mini content.
Rule number twenty: Write emails daily
Tip: short and interesting Keep.
Tips for advanced bloggers who have handled a site for over a year, and are making money or struggling to achieve it.

21. Do not put all eggs in one basket
If you’re one of those bloggers that spend all day merely blogging, I regret to say that You should never invest 100% of the time, all the effort and all the money in one blog. Careful, we’re talking about advanced bloggers. In the early stage, time investment is indispensable.
An advanced blogger should diversify its sources of income and traffic. And keep looking for new to get more visitors and you never know if Google will penalize your ways. In addition to your niche, you can change with the lapse of time. Moreover, if you have the same portfolio, what interests someone at 15 is not the same as someone of 20. Although that someone is the same person.
What you must do is act intelligently and weighs several ideas to generate new revenue streams and build a solid email list of captive customers.
Automate your page including content creation and decreases the time you work on the blog to look for a new source of income.
Rule number twenty: Automates your blog and create a stream of new business.
Tip: Do not decide to put a car wash or something totally foreign to what you’re doing. Unless your passion, course. You can see what others are doing and branching your same field.
Find out how to advertise on Facebook

22. Building an electronic wallet is not enough
If you ask bloggers, 99 out of 100 will tell you that money flows right out of the electronic wallet. But what really is on the client list? Having a list is not enough, you have to sell, create a commitment, you need to establish trust … Anyway. You must find ways to sell to your mailing list. No matter what product you are selling or what service you are offering at the end of the day should be sold.
This point is reflected in most bloggers. even those that have impressive lists of followers do not earn much money. But how does this happen? Because they need to raise awareness of the product or service you promote your audience, what happens when you are not familiar with what they want to sell. What happens when a seller does not know your product? It simply does not sell.
Having clarified the point, you know you need to promote your product educate your customer base benefits. Having a list of potential customers will never be the same as having a list of conversions.
So it’s time to look for ways to educate your subscribers and find ways to make money from that list that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Only until then you can justify the hours and money invested deriving it.
Do not forget to create an email autoresponder to welcome new subscribers immediately. make your emails to be interesting and that apart from educating the prospective client to be filled with content related to the promotion so you never lose your confidence.
Rule number twenty: Do not stop to nourish your list of emails.
Tip: Look at the competition and see their techniques to close the sale, and begins a test of trial and error until you have proper closing sales.

23.- More visitors to your site is not the same as more sales
People can freely surf the net. It does not pay to visit sites. You have to work, as we have said repeatedly before, in creating confidence that something concrete during those visits. We agree that traffic on a site is very good, but what good is a thousand hits if you do not generate a single conversion?
Never overlook the definition of our model client, you have to figure out what you want and your needs and we must meet them by offering services or recommending items.
Rule number twenty: More visitors to your website is not equal more sales.
Tip: Lookways to meet the needs of your customer.

24.- SEO, the great unknown
By definition, SEO is the search engine optimization for its acronym in English. We made it through keywords that are detected by the search engine and promoting your site.
Give it a bad burn your page use instead of promoting it. How? Thus making keyword rich articles and so repetitive. one visit will be enough for the reader to ever enter again to your page. If this is the case, imagine a page they enter thousand visitors. There will be lost forever at least two thousand. Those who came and those who were not shared and reiterate who lost a minimum.
So give priority to the content but do not forget the SEO. It is a fact that you need links page. Which forms a complex combination and not very quick but effective. You will not get massive results of the first intention within unconscionable that you have a budget or a very good domain authority.
SEO is social, so to get the maximum benefit we get your visitors to share your content, and they do in their social networks have accomplished our mission. I warn you that this is not easy. You need time, effort, a lot of tests, trials, and solutions. But once you get the little push, you will not stop rolling getting a better ranking in the search and outstanding momentum in social networks.
Rule number twenty – four: The SEO works with quality, not keywords.
Tip: Find out where to promote your blog posts before publishing and what can marketing strategies content.

25.- Write; your new daily hobby
All great bloggers write a lot, know how to create content that sells and attract the attention of any kind of people. 90% of your competition does not have or just mastered the skill of copywriting. But what is that? This term refers to a type of highly persuasive writing that aims to make the visitor becomes a call to action.
Care is not the same being a productive writer that one with appealing content. Again, and tirelessly I remind you, you must know your audience and worry about it. Write things that might interest you, write every day, but do not feel like writing, write as you can but do not stop doing. That’s the only way to improve your craft. There’s no more.
Rule number twenty: Write for your readers every day.
Tip: Ponte write as you finish reading this article.
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26. Strive twice in social networks
Well, as is common knowledge, one of the fastest ways to get exposure and increase your sales are social networks. There can be a more effective way to get your content to go viral.

All bloggers who have become viral tell their fortune by millions and if you do not believe me ask Psy, who became popular a whole style of music worldwide, the K-pop, with a single song. Now it has millions of followers which amount to millions in their individual account. That’s the power of social networks.
Think of the success you’ve achieved so far and that parameter will answer you if you are using that power to the fullest. Focus. Attacked one place at a time and when you feel that you have mastered begins with next.
If you decide to start with Facebook, use all the strategies it allows you, as ads, memes, infographics, connect with influencers, using captivating headlines, or whatever comes to mind. And you have mastered this medium, passes Twitter and follows the same path, and then repeated with another medium.
Rule Number Twenty – six: Use your social networks effectively.
Tip: Read about how to use Google+ effectively to promote your blogs.

27. Create events and Webinars
You sure this is not the expected, but lately these strategies are very successful and have the highest conversion rates.
So start creating webinars to optimize your conversion rates. As always think of your readers and develops themes that meet your needs, and if you get an influencer participation at this stage will solve your problems hearing pit.
do not stop to consider using Google+ Hangouts to create and grow your lists. Also, attend other events blogs can be helpful. You will find people ready to form a connection and this will help to make your online business grow.
Rule number twenty – seven: Start events or webinars.
Tip: Looking expert advice to do so effectively.

28.- Automation is the mother of success
What I mean when I suggest that automatices really is you start using automation tools. You hire someone to write your message, to seek SEO help, to take charge of sales, etc.

As you may have noticed in the last 27 points, have a blog involves many other things besides writing. So if your blog is already making money, you should set aside 50% of it to hire people to take you to automate it. This way you can start thinking about new ways to generate more revenue, as we saw already at point 21.
Rule number twenty: Automate now!
Tip: Hire someone right now.

29.- Update or die
We talked about many mistakes that most bloggers make. But one of the most terrible is to use others’ ideas and manage them as if they own.
Why should the reader read things you’ve already read the other side? To create a profitable blog you need to do a lot of research, read continuously, write daily, be creative and create solutions for your target audience. For that, you must upgrade through education.
We are fortunately in time to educate yourself out free; Listen to TED talks, go Quora (intellectual platform), Google creates alerts on topics that help you write, trends and latest news.
Rule number twenty: Edúcate
Tip: Listen to informative sites, while bathing, driving, etc.

30. Please do not give up
It’s frustrating sometimes to create blogs even for years and not see dividends. At this stage, I’m sure you’ve already exhausted almost all means to persuade your visitors to convert.
If this is your case, start reading books on psychology, marketing, and sales. Salesmanship knows a lot. Learn how to influence people and how to make friends. There are incredibly extensive reading about it.
Get motivated to continue and remember that the long-term results are the most rewarding. Be persistent.
Rule number thirty: Be persistent.
Tip: Read ways to stay motivated and become an unpopular cause that blog.

Well, that’s all, I hope that the above 30 points have resolved your questions or have given you ideas of what you can do to succeed in this area.
It’s not easy to stand out in this world you’ve chosen, but not worth anyone would do and the reward is infinitely more fruitful than any other business, financially and emotionally.
So I do not wish you luck but all the motivation you need to achieve the goal you’ve scored; influence people to have a better life.
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