In this article I will talk about 3 ways to Generate Large Income As an Affiliate.

You will agree with me that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, but most people are left with low profits or even lost (if they buy traffic), which makes them give up.

Well, in this article I will share 3 methods, which helped me to make huge leaps in my commissions as an affiliate. These 3 points are actually very simple but powerful.

If you put them into practice, in a matter of a short time you will start to see better profits.

So let’s start:

I mean some topics that you might have already read or learned in a course, but you did not directly associate them with your business, or somehow (course, webinar, etc.) they tell you and at that time you feel that a simple but powerful idea makes you change the way you do your business.

In these years I have had several, but in this article I want to share 3 of the most powerful.


Method # 1 Leave Clickbank For Peace

You read well! 95% of the readers of my website want to make money with Clickbank because in all courses they talk about how to make money with Clickbank and they dream about the great statistics that  are show in those courses.

Well, I’ll clarify something, since my main niche is making money online, and talking about online business, then promoting Clickbank  products is easy for me..

Why? Because I’m good at, I would have written  a lot about those products But what happens is that in this niche, they all have a Clickbank account because it is the first thing you learn to do.

Lets say I make my content, I promote etc. Sometimes I even make videos of the product and it turns out that my potential customer discovers that the product is on  Clickbank and you think?

You guessed it! Buy product with your own affiliate link and all my work is lost.

I promote Clickbank products in other niches, but not in the how to make money online niche because i dedicate so much time to it , and  I generate a regular income, because the truth is not provided so many other niches.

stop promoting Clickbank products and  focus on other marketplaces, especially those that does not allow a person to buy from their own link,this really multiplied my income.

That was the proof that my decision really worked.


Method  # 2: Pay commissions for referring Lifetime

some years ago; I met a young marketer for a young genius of internet marketing.

To promote different products from the same marketer pay lifetime commissions.

There are other lesser-known affiliate systems which integrate several products at various prices, from the creators (of course assumes that products are of high quality) which not only assigned the commission to the first purchase, but remains registered customer who originally took that and every time the customer decides to buy another product, a new commission is generated.

In fact, for a while my digital products were on a platform called Nanacast which allowed me to do that. Who referred to a buyer, regardless of what product to buy, if you buy any mine product, the Commission remained for those who originally referred.

Currently there are many of such systems, but one with which I am working with now, not only the training is really amazing, but it contains 9 high quality products on which a person can earn commissions.

Method  # 3: Promote High Ticket Products


Normally all new affiliates start promoting products or Low Ticket whatever it cost from $ 1 dollar to $ 197.

Mid Ticket product costs typically $ 297 to $ 897.

High Ticket Items usually have costs that are $ 1,000 upwards.

The stress to sell a high ticket costs is the same effort to sell a low ticket.

You must create content, plant your links, make videos, build your list and a very long etcetera, which can be used to make much more money to promote High Ticket.

Of course you must do the additional work to earn the trust of your prospect.

The main impediment not to promote products with High Ticket is inside the head of affiliate if … you think its not possible.

Currently handling 2 very good products with High Ticket

Both are capable of generating me $ 1,000 in one day, and that’s really powerful.

You should try it yourself, when you generate your first sale, others will be much simpler


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